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independent / to act for oneself / autonomous
see 作主
host / official host (e.g. venue for games or a conference)
  *主* | 主* | *主
owner / master / host / individual or party concerned / God / Lord / main / to indicate or signify / trump card (in card games)
to rely mainly on / to attach most importance to
original poster (in an online forum) / landlord of a building (traditional)
landlord / landowner / host
"Fight the Landlord" (card game)
vehicle owner
owner / proprietor
feudal lord / suzerain / overlord
a powerful chief of the princes of the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) / overlord / hegemon
financial backer / bankroller
lit. little princess / fig. spoiled girl / female version of 小皇帝
recipient (of an award) / winner (in a competition)
monarch / sovereign
shop owner
owner of enterprise
head of the household
founder or leader of a religion or sect / (fig.) revered figure
to be in charge in one's own house (idiom) / to be the master of one's own affairs
recipient of an award / prize winner
can't help; involuntarily (idiom)
landlord / house owner
factory owner
imperial empress / milady
message board moderator or administrator
God (in Catholicism) / abbr. for 天主教, Catholicism
slave owner
master of the house / family head
leader of a theatrical troupe
out of one's wits (idiom) / distracted / stunned
guest and host
social democracy
Princess Changle of Western Wei of the Northern dynasties 西魏, given in marriage c. 545 to Bumin Khan 土門|土门
owner of sth lost or stolen
owner (e.g. of a shop)
local wealthy landlord / country money-bags / rich provincial
previous owner (of a car for sale)
rich man / moneybags
lit. first impression is strongest
head of a clan / natural leader / person of prestige and authority in a domain / suzerain
sublandlord / tenant who sublets
host (of a parasite)
(of property) to change owners / (of sovereignty, political power etc) to change hands
occupant of tomb / person buried
lit. the voice of the guest overwhelms that of the host (idiom) / fig. a minor player upstages the main attraction / minor details obscure the main point / the sauce is better than the fish
advocate strongly
to decide / to make decisions / to take responsibility (for deciding) / to be in charge / to give sb justice
lit. the guest acts as host (idiom); fig. to turn from passive to active behavior
live vlogger / live-streamer
the Creator (in religion or mythology) / God
benefactor (term used by a monk to address a layperson) / donor (semiconductor)
to return something to its rightful owner
proprietor of a mine
victim (of a criminal) / party involved (in a dispute etc) / main instigator
forum moderator / webmaster
independent and autonomous (idiom); self-determination / to act independently / to maintain control over one's own affairs
victim's family (esp. in murder case)
for every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor (idiom) / when settling disputes one should not involve third parties
variant of 版主
owner / proprietor
feudal ruler
ship's captain / owner of ship
acceptor (semiconductor)
Creator (Christianity)
the girl is already taken (idiom)
enlightened sovereign
head priest of a temple
Li Houzhu (c. 937-978), the final Southern Tang ruler (ruled 961-975) and a renowned poet / given name Li Yu 李煜
everything has a rightful owner (idiom)
Princess Taiping (c. 665-713), Tang Dynasty princess, politically powerful and known for her beauty
person who harbors criminals / receiver (of stolen goods)
Snow White
Gloria (section of Catholic mass)
head of a household
gherao (from Hindi, SE Asian method of protest)
tyrant / usurper
a large landowner
to beat a dog and bully its owner / fig. to humiliate sb indirectly by bullying a subordinate
the Savior (in Christianity)

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