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  *串* | 串* | *串
to string together / to skewer / to connect wrongly / to gang up / to rove / string / bunch / skewer / classifier for things that are strung together, or in a bunch, or in a row: string of, bunch of, series of / to make a swift or abrupt linear movement (like a bead on an abacus) / to move across
string (computer science)
to establish ties or contact / in series connection (electricity)
to cook on a skewer / barbecued food on a skewer / shish kebab / (fig.) to perform or play songs in sequence / sequence of songs / medley
to appear on stage in an amateur capacity / (of a professional) to make a guest appearance / (fig.) to assume a role outside one's usual duties / to substitute for
serial port (computing)
a succession of / a series of
to miss a line / to confuse two lines
series / serial (computer)
string processing (computing)
to call on sb / to drop in / to visit sb's home
to collude / to collaborate / to gang up
one after the other / a succession of / a series of
cluster / bunch
(Chinese opera) to play a role outside of one's specialty / (modern) to play a transvestite role / to masquerade as an opponent
to leave one's post during working hours
to get the lines crossed
to act in collusion (idiom)
Universal Serial Bus, USB (computer)
string of cash
to pierce through / to string together
serial port (computing)
to become tainted with the smell of sth else / to pick up an odor
string (as in "character string")
crosstalk / to overhear
to conspire
identification number / IMEI
erhua variant of 錢串|钱串
to collude to fabricate a story
erhua variant of 串門|串门
to exchange / to change / to swap
string of copper coins (in ancient China) / (fig.) an overly money-oriented person / (zoology) centipede
to go from village to village (like an itinerant artist)
character string
to stream (online)
special guest performer (in a show) / special guest appearance (in film credits)
to call on friends and relations (idiom)
serial dot matrix printer
lamb kebab

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