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among / in / included among these
to concentrate / to centralize / to focus / centralized / concentrated / to put together
  *中* | 中* | *中
China / Chinese / surname Zhong
  *中* | 中* | *中
within / among / in / middle / center / while (doing sth) / during / (dialect) OK / all right
  *中* | 中* | *中
to hit (the mark) / to be hit by / to suffer / to win (a prize, a lottery)
senior high school / abbr. for 高級中學|高级中学
to pass brilliantly (used in congratulatory fashion)
inside / among / in the midst of (doing sth) / during
junior high school / abbr. for 初級中學|初级中学
central China
from within / therefrom
Hanzhong prefecture-level city in Shaanxi
to choose / to pick / to settle upon / to decide upon a candidate / to be selected for some role
developing / under development / in the pipeline
within the year / in the middle of the year / mid-year
central point / in one's thoughts / in one's heart
among / in the middle / in the center
in the sky / in the air
Wuzhong district of Suzhou city 蘇州市|苏州市, Jiangsu
to hit the nail on the head / to predict correctly
Jinzhong prefecture-level city in Shanxi 山西
Bazhong prefecture-level city in Panzhihua 攀枝花, south Sichuan
in a dream
en route
Yangzhong county level city in Zhenjiang 鎮江|镇江, Jiangsu
in one's eyes / in one's estimation
positioned between (two parties) / to mediate between
attached (or affiliated) secondary (or middle) school / abbr. for 附屬中學|附属中学
to have a preference for / to fancy / to choose after consideration / to settle on
in the dark / in secret / on the sly / surreptitiously
to hit (a target)
moderate / reasonable / conveniently situated
Taizhong or Taichung city and county in central Taiwan
Taizhong or Taichung city in central Taiwan
Lanzhong county level city in Nanchong 南充, Sichuan
to hit (a target etc) / to strike
philtrum / infranasal depression / the "human center" acupuncture point
doctor (Chinese medicine) / ancient official title / companions (respectful)
Yuzhong (or central Chongqing) district of central Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
in the movie
accidentally / unintentionally / unexpectedly
pendente lite / during litigation
Tienchung town in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县, Taiwan / Tanaka (Japanese surname)
earthquake epicenter
noon / midday / zenith
Suizhong county in Huludao 葫蘆島|葫芦岛, Liaoning
junior high school (Tw) / abbr. for 國民中學|国民中学
to hit the target
therein / in this
Qiongzhong Li and Miao autonomous county, Hainan
to find to one's taste / to pick (after looking at) / Taiwan pr. [xiang4 zhong4]
to guess correctly / to figure out the right answer
Guanzhong plain in Shaanxi, valley of the Wei River 渭河
middle / center / right in the middle or center / nub
Zizhong county in Neijiang 內江|内江, Sichuan
fast asleep / dreaming
interim / midterm
Yuzhong county in Lanzhou 蘭州|兰州, Gansu
to take pleasure in sth (idiom)
stroke / cerebral hemorrhage
Liaozhong county in Shenyang 瀋陽|沈阳, Liaoning
vocational high school (abbr. to 職高|职高)
variant of 熱衷|热衷
in the unseen world of spirits / mysteriously and inexorably
to compromise / to take the middle road / a trade-off / eclectic
in a vacuum
Huangzhong county in Xining 西寧|西宁, Qinghai
to win (a prize in a lottery)
to hit (a target)
gilded exterior, shabby and ruined on the inside (idiom)
one's mind
imperceptibly / virtually
earthquake epicenter
lit. one hundred shots, one hundred hits / to carry out a task with great precision / to shoot with unfailing accuracy / be a crack shot (idiom)
Luo Guanzhong (c. 1330-c. 1400), author of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and other works
Zhang Zhizhong (1890-1969), National Revolutionary Army general
North Korea-China
the five directions 五方 east, south, west, north and middle
not impressed by
in midair / in the air
to have one's words prove to be prophetic
weekday / midweek
to hit the target with one's throw / (basketball) to score
within the range of a bow and arrow / (fig.) under sb's control
Horqin Left Middle banner or Khorchin Züün Garyn Dund khoshuu in Tongliao 通遼|通辽, Inner Mongolia
Kim Dae-jung (1926-2009), South Korea politician, president 1998-2003, Nobel peace prize laureate 2000
good-looking and intelligent (idiom)
within it / among them
to hit with a piercing blow
Yang Chengzhong (1913-1987), Chinese nuclear physicist
the charm lies in what is left unsaid (idiom)
Occupy Central, Hong Kong civil disobedience movement (September 2014 -)
right in the midpoint / a bull's eye / to hit the nail on the head
Samuel C. C. Ting (1936-), American physicist, 1976 Nobel Prize laureate in physics
integrated services management
in one's eyes

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