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bean vermicelli / mung bean starch noodles / Chinese vermicelli / cellophane noodles / CL: / fan (loanword) / enthusiast for sb or sth
  *丝* | 丝* | *丝
silk / thread / trace / (cuisine) shreds or julienne strips / CL: 條|条 / classifier: a thread (of cloud, smoke etc), a bit, an iota, a hint (of sth) etc
lace (loanword) (textiles)
steel wire / tightrope
Alice (name)
natural silk (secreted by silkworm)
silk / pure silk
iron wire / CL: / subway enthusiast (abbr. for 地鐵粉絲|地铁粉丝) / railway enthusiast (abbr. for 鐵路粉絲|铁路粉丝)
fine black hair / dried plum (sliced, as cake ingredient)
hair (on the head)
shredded meat / shredded pork
julienned potato
wisps of blood / visible veins / (of eyes) bloodshot
pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang 魚香|鱼香
welding wire
to spin silk
copper wire
filament (in a lightbulb)
mycelium / hypha
wire drawing / candied floss (cooking) / spun sugar or toffee (coating)
to walk a tightrope (literally or figuratively)
(of spiders, caterpillars, silkworms etc) to extrude silk
gossamer / hairspring
die-hard fan
shredded coconut
drizzle / fine rain
raw silk
to grate / to shred (vegetable)
hair mousse (loanword)
Beyoncé (1981-), American pop singer
to spin synthetic fiber / to spin silk / spinning / filature
stalk (filament) of stamen
kesi or k’o-ssu, Chinese silk tapestry woven in a pictorial design
silk raw material (prepared by boiling in soap)
dry-fried potato slices (Chinese dish)
fuse wire
Beatrix (name)
variant of 緙絲|缂丝
slightly salty
axoneme (long thread of nerve cell)
loser (Internet slang)
silk from worms fed on leaves
a bit chilly
tiny bit / a jot / whisker
a kind of rice-flour noodles from Yunnan province
to grate (cheese, carrots etc); to shred
mousse (loanword)
filature silk
fuse wire / (electrical) fuse
barbed wire
(of an actor, announcer etc) to stumble over words (Tw)
Iris (name)
(silver) of low purity / low grade
shredded ginger
sickness comes like a landslide, but goes slowly like spinning silk (idiom); expect to convalesce slowly
hulusi, aka cucurbit flute (a kind of free reed wind instrument)
hot and sour shredded potato

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