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silk cloth / silk
the slightest amount or degree / a bit
lace (loanword) (textiles)
  *丝* | 丝* | *丝
silk / thread / trace / (cuisine) shreds or julienne strips / CL: 條|条 / classifier: a thread (of cloud, smoke etc), a bit, an iota, a hint (of sth) etc
silk screen / screen (printing)
iron wire / CL: / subway enthusiast (abbr. for 地鐵粉絲|地铁粉丝) / railway enthusiast (abbr. for 鐵路粉絲|铁路粉丝)
bean vermicelli / mung bean starch noodles / Chinese vermicelli / cellophane noodles / CL: / fan (loanword) / enthusiast for sb or sth
steel wire / tightrope
filament (in a lightbulb)
wisps of blood / visible veins / (of eyes) bloodshot
stockings / pantyhose
silk / pure silk
Alice (name)
drizzle / fine rain
(of spiders, caterpillars, silkworms etc) to extrude silk
wire drawing / candied floss (cooking) / spun sugar or toffee (coating)
not one thread loose (idiom); strictly according to the rules / meticulous / not one hair out of place
shredded meat / shredded pork
hair (on the head)
lit. spider's thread and horse track / tiny hints (of a secret) / traces / clue
Aerodramus, genus of birds that use echolocation, a subset of the Collocaliini tribe (swiflets), two of whose species – Aerodramus fuciphagus and Aerodramus maximus – build nests harvested to make bird's nest soup
to not move a single jot (idiom)
fine black hair / dried plum (sliced, as cake ingredient)
(idiom) to fit together snugly; to dovetail perfectly
welding wire
lesbian (slang) (loanword)
one thread, one hair (idiom); a tiny bit / an iota
to spin silk
gossamer / hairspring
not wearing one thread (idiom); absolutely naked / without a stitch of clothing / in one's birthday suit
linked in countless ways
golden snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana)
mycelium / hypha
the Silk Road / abbr. for 絲綢之路|丝绸之路
traditional Chinese musical instruments / music
silk thread (for sewing); silk yarn (for weaving)
lit. lotus roots may break, but the fiber remains joined (idiom); lovers part, but still long for one another
accurate to perfection (idiom) / precise to the finest detail
raw silk
to spin synthetic fiber / to spin silk / spinning / filature
silk floss / down
copper wire
Beyoncé (1981-), American pop singer
natural silk (secreted by silkworm)
hair mousse (loanword)
kesi or k’o-ssu, Chinese silk tapestry woven in a pictorial design
stalk (filament) of stamen
feet and legs in silk stockings (especially in the massage context)
loser (Internet slang)
the Silk Road
Agnes Smedley (1892-1950), US journalist who reported on China, esp. the communist side
lit. try to straighten out silk threads only to tangle them further (idiom) / fig. to try to help but end up making things worse
tiny bit / a jot / whisker
a bit chilly
silk waistband
drizzle / fine rain
shredded coconut
variant of 緙絲|缂丝
mousse (loanword)
to grate (cheese, carrots etc); to shred
filature silk
silk gland
pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang 魚香|鱼香
axoneme (long thread of nerve cell)
a kind of rice-flour noodles from Yunnan province
nut (female component of nut and bolt)
luffa (loofah)
jigsaw (saw with steel wire blade)
dry-fried potato slices (Chinese dish)
fuse wire / (electrical) fuse
wire cutting pincers
razor wire
to grate / to shred (vegetable)
grater / shredder
nematocyst / capsule of nettle cells of medusa or anemone
cnidocyte / nettle cell of medusa or anemone
Cnidaria (animal phylum including jellyfish and sessile polyps)
barbed wire
(of an actor, announcer etc) to stumble over words (Tw)
to spin a cocoon around oneself (idiom); enmeshed in a trap of one's own devising / hoist with his own petard
one strand does not make a thread, one tree does not make a forest (idiom)
spinneret / extrusion nozzle
julienned potato
Changde sixian, theatrical folk music style with singing in Changde dialect accompanied by traditional string instruments
capillary blood vessels
Iris (name)
Alice Springs, town in central Australia
Alice in Wonderland
(bird species of China) Germain's swiftlet (Aerodramus germani)
lit. to unwind the silk thread from the cocoon (idiom) / fig. to unravel a mystery; to painstakingly follow the clues to eventually get to the bottom of the matter
die (i.e. tool for cutting wire to a given diameter)

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