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  *丑* | 丑* | *丑
clown / 2nd earthly branch: 1-3 a.m., 12th solar month (6th January to 3rd February), year of the Ox / ancient Chinese compass point: 30°
  *丑* | 丑* | *丑
shameful / ugly / disgraceful
ugly / repulsive
  *丑* | 丑* | *丑
surname Chou
thirty-eighth year H2 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1961 or 2021 / cf 辛丑條約|辛丑条约, Protocol of Beijing of 1901 ending the 8-nation intervention after the Boxer uprising
twenty-sixth year F2 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 2009 or 2069
second year B2 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1985 or 2045
fiftieth year J2 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1973 or 2033
shameful / scandalous / to be humiliated / to make a fool of sb or oneself / to make sb lose face
shameful performance / disgraceful situation
Boxer Protocol of 1901 signed in Beijing, ending the Eight-power Allied Force intervention after the Boxer uprising
to defame / to libel / to defile / to smear / to vilify
family scandal / skeleton in the closet
let's talk about the unpleasant things first / let's be frank
ugly talk / vulgarity / obscenity
(used self-deprecatingly, e.g. when asked to sing a song) to put one's artistic incompetence on display
clown role in opera / clown / buffoon
to slander
1-3 am (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times)
fourteenth year D2 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1997 or 2057
extremely ugly / incomparably hideous
ugly expression / unsightly manners
to lose face
absurd drama / farce / disgraceful show
to make a fool of oneself
to disfigure
Year 2, year of the Bull or Ox (e.g. 2009)
(bird species of China) harlequin duck (Histrionicus histrionicus)
insignificant wretch
a son won't abandon his mother for being ugly, just as a dog won't abandon its owner for being poor (proverb)
grotesque / extremely ugly / hideous
first two of the twelve earthly branches 十二地支 / by ext., the earthly branches
lit. family shames must not be spread abroad (idiom); fig. don't wash your dirty linen in public
Don't spread abroad the shame of the family, don't believe rumors lightly. (idiom) / Don't wash your dirty linen in public, don't listen to others' gossip.
lit. family shames must not be spread abroad (idiom) / fig. don't wash your dirty linen in public
clownfish / anemonefish
(Internet slang) (of a man) unmarriageable (lit. short, ugly and poor) / opposite: 高富帥|高富帅
ugly people will do all kinds of weird things to get attention (idiom)
ugly person
an ugly wife is a treasure at home (idiom)
lit. the ugly daughter-in-law must sooner or later meet her parents-in-law (idiom) / fig. it's not something you can avoid forever
"The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Andersen 安徒生
ugly duckling
villain / evil person

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