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only / merely / nothing but / no more than / it's just that ...
to be unable to defeat; to be no match for (sb)
to be unable to breathe
can't persuade / unable to make (sb) change their mind / unable to resist (sb)
(idiom) nothing more than this; that's all; no big deal; not very impressive
only / merely / no more than / but / however / anyway (to get back to a previous topic) / cannot be more (after adjectival)
cannot be justified / inexcusable
not more than so-so (idiom); mediocre / nothing out of the ordinary
to distrust / to be suspicious
anyhow / in any event / just / only
cannot stand by idly and watch / unable to put up with it any longer / see 看不過去|看不过去
so angry it's unbearable / bitter about unbearable grievances
to be sorry; to feel apologetic
to have more work than one can deal with / to have one's hands full
It's all exaggeration, you don't need to take it seriously / a fuss about nothing / nothing to write home about
a thing should not be attempted more than three times (idiom) / don't repeat the same mistake again and again / bad things don't happen more than three times
couldn't be better / ideal / wonderful
to be unable to breathe easily
wealth never survives three generations (idiom)
can't manage to count / too many to count
cannot stand by idly and watch / unable to put up with it any longer
cannot conceal (a matter) from (sb)
to regard decapitation as no more important than the wind blowing off your hat (idiom)
(idiom) the weak cannot overcome the strong
lit. you may go undetected during the new moon, but at full moon you'll be found out (idiom) / fig. you can't put it off forever / sooner or later you'll have to deal with it

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