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not need / have no use for
to be unable to make any sense of the matter / to be at a loss
to be unable to find
to be confused and disoriented
no need / need not
can't touch / can't reach / (fig.) unable to get a grasp of
not to the point / wide of the mark / neither here nor there / irrelevant
to be unable to reach
lit. like a three-meter high monk, you can't rub his head (idiom) / fig. at a total loss
lit. no village ahead and no inn behind (idiom) / fig. to be stranded in the middle of nowhere / to be in a predicament
to leave no trace / seamlessly / unobtrusively
to have no right or ability to interfere in sth / it's none of your business!
irrelevant / can't make head or tail of
nonstop flight
not worthwhile
scatter-brained / thoughtless

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