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not equal to / not as good as / inferior to / it would be better to
to be better off ... / might as well ...
A relative afar is less use than a close neighbor (idiom). Take whatever help is on hand, even from strangers.
ashamed of being inferior (idiom) / to feel inferior to others
to consider oneself as being not as good as the others
to be getting worse with each generation
worse than a beast / to behave immorally
give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime / knowledge is the best charity
the palest ink is better than the best memory (idiom)
deference is no substitute for obedience (idiom) / (said to accept sb's request, invitation etc)
lit. carefully setting an auspicious date does not beat seizing an opportunity (idiom) / fig. seize the occasion
seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times (idiom); seeing for oneself is better than hearing from many others / seeing is believing
better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony
better a bad life than a good death (idiom)
the benefits of medicine are not as great as those of good nutrition
give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime (idiom)
better to go home and weave a net than to stand by the pond longing for fish (idiom) / one should take practical steps to achieve one's aim
knowing sb by their reputation can't compare to meeting them in person (idiom)
arriving early can't beat coming at the right time / perfect timing
if you want sth done well, do it yourself (idiom)
things are not as good as they used to be
there's no place like home (idiom)
man proposes, God disposes (idiom) / one's plans can be derailed by unforeseen events
Explaining in words is not as good as teaching by example (idiom). Action speaks louder than words.
if an official does not put the people first, he might as well go home and sell sweet potatoes
lit. to dispatch a general is not as effective as to excite a general / fig. inciting people to action is more effective than dispatching orders
seeing sth for oneself is better than hearing about it from others
the unvarnished truth is better than a cunning ruse (idiom) / honesty is the best policy
worse than a dog or pig / lower than low
to be getting worse by the day
leaving much to be desired / unsatisfactory / undesirable
it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble (idiom) / the less complications the better

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