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not to be present / to be out / (euphemism) to pass away / to be deceased
not to care
to pay no attention to / not to mind
to be everywhere
to be nothing difficult / to be a cinch
absent-minded / preoccupied / inattentive / with one's thoughts wandering
not in the least concerned (idiom) / reckless / couldn't give a damn about it / unperturbed / couldn't care less / harum scarum
really does not care
to be out of form / not to be oneself
don't meddle in affairs that are not part of your position (Confucius)
wine-lover's heart is not in the cup (idiom); a drinker not really interested in alcohol / having an ulterior motive / to have other things in mind / with an ax to grind / accomplishing something besides what one set out to do
to be dead / to have passed away
a book is not judged by its cover (idiom)
to have one's ambitions elsewhere (idiom)

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