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to make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's (idiom) / to share everything / to be on very intimate terms
equally matched / not much to distinguish who is stronger
unable to distinguish right and wrong (idiom)
not divided / irrespective / not distinguishing between
unable to determine victory or defeat (idiom); evenly matched / to come out even / to tie / to draw
can't tell black from white (idiom); unable to distinguish wrong from right
well-matched / equally matched
day and night / round-the-clock
not distinguishing red-green or black-white (idiom) / not to distinguish between right and wrong
not to know one's place
not distinguishing black or white (idiom); not to distinguish between right and wrong
never move your four limbs, can't distinguish the five crops (idiom); living as a parasite
lit. unable to distinguish eldest brother from second brother (idiom); they are all equally excellent / nothing to choose between them
to not be able to distinguish who's winning

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