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cannot help / unable to bear
can't remember
can't help it / can't bear it
to let sb down / to be unfair / I'm sorry / pardon me (formal)
to be unable to repress sth / to be unable to contain oneself
cannot maintain (sth) / unable to keep / more likely than not / may well
(coll.) unable to withstand / cannot bear / can't stand it / no match for
to be unable to hold back
lit. paper can't wrap fire; fig. the truth will out
to lose one's cool / to get impatient / unable to remain calm
to be unable to bear
ill-founded / groundless
unable to brake (stop)
to be unable to bear or support
one who is not prepared to risk his child will never catch the wolf (proverb) / (fig.) one who is unwilling to take risks will not achieve great things
repeatedly / continuously / constantly / unable to (resist, conceal etc)
lit. shallow waters cannot harbor big fish (idiom) / fig. ambitious, talented people cannot reach their full potential in a small organization
not up to it / cannot stand the test
(Internet slang) can't contain oneself / unable to bear / can't help (doing sth)

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