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  *下* | 下* | *下
down / downwards / below / lower / later / next (week etc) / second (of two parts) / to decline / to go down / to arrive at (a decision, conclusion etc) / measure word to show the frequency of an action
that level or lower / that amount or less / the following
as follows
under the banner of
to press down / to press a button
twice / for a little while
to leave behind / to stay behind / to remain / to keep / not to let (sb) go
under / myself (humble)
(used after a verb) give it a go / to do (sth for a bit to give it a try) / one time / once / in a while / all of a sudden / all at once
in private
to remain / left over
down / downward
immediately / at once / at that moment / at the moment
the location below sth / afterwards
to arrest / to capture / to seize / to win (a set, a game etc)
land under heaven / the whole world / the whole of China / realm / rule
to be not less than (a certain quantity, amount etc)
(of an activity) off-line (not done over the Internet)
to lay down / to put down / to let go of / to relinquish / to set aside / to lower (the blinds etc)
underground / subterranean / covert
your distinguished self / your majesty / sire
in mind
to accept / to receive
to take off (clothing)
to retire / to withdraw / to retreat / to step down
up and down / top and bottom / old and new / length / about
to underline / to mark
under / beneath / less than
at present / right now
to take on (a responsibility)
under the jurisdiction of
to arrange / to lay out
countryside / rural area / CL: 個|个
under the foot
to sit down
this time
to lay (a foundation) / to conquer (a city etc) / to shoot down (a bird etc)
to follow the past and herald the future (idiom); part of a historical transition / forming a bridge between earlier and later stages
to collapse / to topple over
not feel like eating / be unable to eat any more
under sb's name
not to have room to put sth / to be unable to let go
to throw down / to dump / to abandon / thrown down
the wording and purport of what one writes
to kneel down
to abandon
subordinate / affiliated to / subsidiary
underarm / armpit
to write down
to set (the tone, a target etc) / to lay down (the beat)
to establish / to set (a new record)
to unload
(of prices, rates etc) to remain high
privately / secretly / confidentially
(old) one's wife
to set up / to establish
by comparison
to lie down
not to know one's place
to fall / to drop / to land (of projectile)
to be nothing difficult / to be a cinch
Yamashita (Japanese surname)
equally matched / about the same
to drop down / to fall
to throw down / to drop (bomb)
to bear (give birth)
lit. to paint holding two brushes (idiom); fig. to work on two tasks at the same time / to attack one problem from two angles at the same time
in a fit of pique / in a fury
to go down south
in this world / under the sun
to develop rapidly after abrupt turn (idiom); dramatic change
to dismantle / to take apart
under one's control or administration / subordinates / (money etc) on hand / sb's financial means / to take action
under the umbrella of
lower right
soldiers at the city walls (idiom); fig. at a critical juncture
to be unable to continue living (in a certain manner) / to be unable to make a living
to steadily deteriorate
low status / lowly / to lower (one's head)
if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off (idiom); fig. impossible to stop halfway
Matsushita (name) / Panasonic (brand), abbr. for 松下電器|松下电器
lower left
to give birth to
to cast away
Your Majesty (honorific) / His or Her Highness
Your Majesty / His or Her Majesty
in front of one's eyes
troops under one's command / subordinate
to take off / to remove (one's hat, a door from its hinges etc) / to pick (a piece of fruit from a tree etc) / (sports) to pick off (a rebound etc)
offline / below the line
to lodge under another person's roof (idiom); to live relying on sb else's charity
to withdraw / to remove (from a place) / to remove from office
to seize power / to conquer the world / to establish and expand a business / to carve out a career for oneself
at sixes and sevens / perturbed state of mind / in a mess
Second book of Kings
Second book of Kings
to shed tears while recounting sth / speaking in a tearful voice
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