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  *下* | 下* | *下
down / downwards / below / lower / later / next (week etc) / second (of two parts) / to decline / to go down / to arrive at (a decision, conclusion etc) / measure word to show the frequency of an action
afternoon / CL: 個|个 / p.m.
to rain
to download / also pr. [xia4 zai4]
subordinate / underling
(used after a verb) give it a go / to do (sth for a bit to give it a try) / one time / once / in a while / all of a sudden / all at once
land under heaven / the whole world / the whole of China / realm / rule
that level or lower / that amount or less / the following
as follows
low status / lowly / to lower (one's head)
below / under / next / the following / also pr. [xia4 mian5]
to boil noodles
to step down from office / to go into opposition
under / myself (humble)
to decline / to drop / to fall / to go down / to decrease
under the banner of
chin / CL: 個|个
lower reaches (of a river) / lower level / lower echelon / downstream
to go down south
lower left
to transmit to lower levels; to issue (a command, decree etc)
under the foot
to place an order / to order / an order (of goods)
to lay down / to put down / to let go of / to relinquish / to set aside / to lower (the blinds etc)
next time
to go downstairs
under one's control or administration / subordinates / (money etc) on hand / sb's financial means / when taking action
countryside / rural area / CL: 個|个
underground / subterranean / covert
(textual) context
last third of the month
downstream / to go into the water / to put into water / to launch (a ship) / fig. to fall into bad ways / to lead astray / to go to pot
offal / viscera / tripe
Matsushita (name) / Panasonic (brand), abbr. for 松下電器|松下电器
lit. start off leniently (idiom); please do not be too strict with me / Do not judge me too harshly. / Look favorably on my humble efforts.
to fall / to tumble
to finish work / to get off work
to throw down / to drop (bomb)
to set (the tone, a target etc) / to lay down (the beat)
in a short while / all at once / all of a sudden
to go down / to descend / to go on / to continue / (of a servant) to withdraw
to lie down
Your Majesty (honorific) / His or Her Highness
troops under one's command / subordinate
to dismount from a horse / (fig.) to abandon (a project)
the location below sth / afterwards
to prescribe medicine / to poison / to slip a drug (into sb's drink etc)
lower body / euphemism for genitals / root and stem of plants
in private
under / beneath / less than
to leave behind / to stay behind / to remain / to keep / not to let (sb) go
now / at present / subocular (medicine)
leeward / downwind / disadvantageous position / to concede or give way in an argument
to sink down
whereabouts / to drop / to fall
next week
hem of a skirt / shirt tail
underneath / below / the underside / world of mortals / to descend to the world of mortals (of gods)
(of trains) down (i.e. away from the capital) / (of river boats) to travel downstream / to issue (a document) to lower bureaucratic levels / (of writing on the page) vertical, proceeding from top to bottom
immediately / at once / at that moment / at the moment
to go to the countryside
to bury / to inter
to sit down
under the skin / subcutaneous (injection)
lower course of a river / low-class / mean and lowly / vulgar / obscene
to go offline / (of a product) to roll off the assembly line / downline (person below oneself in a pyramid scheme)
to demote / to pass down to a lower unit
to adjust downwards / to lower (prices, wages etc)
to remain; to be left over
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
official in feudal court / subject
awkward / embarrassed / cannot be accomplished
lower right
to finish class / to get out of class / (fig.) (esp. of a sports coach) to be dismissed / to be fired
underarm / armpit
lower part of the body / genitalia / trousers
to go off the stage / to fall from position of prestige / to step down (from office etc) / to disentangle oneself / to get off the hook
to kneel down
you (used to a superior or between persons of the same generation) / below the foot
the sun sets in the west (idiom)
at the knee (in reference to children) / (salutation used in letters to parents or grandparents)
to pour / to pour down (of rain) / to lay a bet
to hang down
subordinate / affiliated to / subsidiary
to imprison
world famous
under / the underside / below
relative superiority (better or worse, stronger or weaker, above or below etc)
lower bound
Lixia district of Jinan city 濟南市|济南市, Shandong
to lay (a foundation) / to conquer (a city etc) / to shoot down (a bird etc)
to go down a hill / (of the sun or moon) to set
the whole country in rebellion
to come down / (completed action marker) / (after verb of motion, indicates motion down and towards us, also fig.) / (indicates continuation from the past towards us) / to be harvested (of crops) / to be over (of a period of time) / to go among the masses (said of leaders)
to take on (a responsibility)
to be nothing difficult / to be a cinch

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