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Yangtze River Delta (abbr. for 長江三角洲|长江三角洲)
trigonometric function
delta (geography)
a right angled triangle
triangle relationship / a love triangle
equilateral triangle
isosceles triangle
Pearl River Delta
briefs / panties
a right angled triangle
Yangtze River Delta
Pearl River Delta (PRD)
triangle (musical instrument) / angle iron
Golden Triangle (Southeast Asia)
Pan-Pearl River delta / The nine provinces of Southern China around Guangzhou and the Pearl River delta / South China
scalene triangle (math.)
Bermuda Triangle
trigonometry (math.)
scalene triangle
triangular pyramid (math.)
sling (for a wounded arm)
triangular debt
triceratops (dinosaur)
love triangle
Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone (economic region including Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu)
triangulation (surveying)
Triangulum Australe (constellation)
Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone (economic region including Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu)
Mekong River Delta
briefs / panties
Pascal's Triangle (math.)
triangular prism (math.)
Triangulum (constellation)
three-legged stool
the Pan-Pearl river delta (economic zone including the 5 provinces around Guangzhou and Hong Kong)
Bolshoi Ussuriisk Island in the Heilongjiang or Amur river, at mouth of the Ussuri River opposite Khabarovsk / same as Heixiazi Island 黑瞎子島|黑瞎子岛
athletic supporter
set square / triangle (for drawing right angles)
deltoid muscle (over the shoulder)
Irrawaddy Delta in south Myanmar (Burma)

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