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for a moment / momentarily
a period of time / a while / for a short while / temporary / momentary / at the same time
in the first moments (of sth happening) / immediately (after an event) / first thing
fashionable for a while (idiom); all the rage
that was one thing, and this is another / times have changed
tremendously popular for a while
all the rage for a time / grand fashion for a limited time
to cause a sensation (idiom)
a short time / a little while
a short time / a little while
two remarkable persons living at the same period (as 周瑜 and 諸葛亮|诸葛亮)
even the wisest can have a momentary lapse in judgment (idiom) / every man has a fool in his sleeve
to achieve fame among one's contemporaries (idiom); temporary or local celebrity
a short time / a little while
to be popular for a while / to be all the rage for a time
lit. Train an army for a thousand days to use it for an hour. (idiom); fig. extensive preparation eventually pays off
a short time / a little while
lit. at home, one can spend a thousand days in comfort, but spending a day away from home can be challenging (idiom) / fig. there's no place like home
to enjoy a short-lived fame or position of power
a short time / a little while
Study everything, at all times, everywhere. (Zhu Xi 朱熹)
incomparable / head and shoulders above the competition

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