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  *一* | 一* | *一
one / single / a (article) / as soon as / entire; whole; all; throughout / "one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1) / also pr. [yao1] for greater clarity when spelling out numbers digit by digit
first / number one / primary
to unify; to integrate / unified; integrated
only; sole
just in case / if by any chance / contingency
top quality / front ranking
everything / every / all
(used after a verb) give it a go / to do (sth for a bit to give it a try) / one time / once / in a while / all of a sudden / all at once
same / ordinary / so-so / common / general / generally / in general
surely / certainly / necessarily / fixed / a certain (extent etc) / given / particular / must
for a time / at one time / one time / once
a bit / a little / one dot / one point
straight (in a straight line) / continuously; always; all the way through
some / a few / a little / (following an adjective) slightly ...er
unanimous / identical (views or opinions)
an integral whole / all concerned / everybody
one of (sth) / one out of a multitude / one (third, quarter, percent etc)
in case (sth happens) / if / once (sth happens, then...) / when / in a short time / in one day
to go a step further / (develop, understand, improve etc) more; further
same / uniformly / all / without exception
focus / with complete devotion / stubbornly
all one's life; throughout one's life
in the same place / together / with / altogether (in total)
identical / the same
first tone in Mandarin (high, level tone)
one-off (offer) / one-time / single-use / disposable (goods)
PRC National Day (October 1st)
eleven / 11
one side / either side / on the one hand / on the other hand / doing while
one sentence / brief remark
a skill / mastery of a trade / by oneself / without outside help
January / first month (of the lunar year)
one by one / one after another
each and every one
5-1 (May 1st)
early in the morning / at dawn
a pleasant change / a breath of fresh air / refreshing
same type / category 1 (i.e. class A)
a glance / a quick look / a glimpse
first day of lunar month / New Year's Day / first year in junior middle school
readily / flatly (deny, admit and so on) / a mouthful / a bite
(acknowledged) place / a role to play / niche
always (previously) / a period of time in the recent past
one instant / very short time / the twinkle of an eye
at a glance / (in book titles) overview
concentrating one's thoughts and efforts / single-minded / bent on / intently
surefire; absolutely safe (idiom)
to vary / to differ
aside / to the side of
social group / subculture / family / clan / see also
to consider oneself unexcelled in the world / to be insufferably arrogant
superb / first-rate / (of officials in imperial times) the highest rank
a moment / a while / in a moment / now...now... / also pr. [yi1 hui3 r5]
single / only / sole
one time (all the way through) / once through
a little bit
wholeheartedly / heart and soul
in a short while / all at once / all of a sudden
one side / one aspect / simultaneously... (and...) / one's whole face
Holy Trinity / trinity
to unite
November / eleventh month (of the lunar year)
region / district
the whole journey / all the way / going the same way / going in the same direction / of the same kind
at the same time / simultaneously
first-year university student
every word and action (idiom)
to guard against the unexpected (idiom); just in case / prepared for any eventualities
one move, two gains (idiom); two birds with one stone
reckoned to be first or second best (idiom) / one of the very best / to list one by one
as soon as / once (an action has been completed)
as far as the eye can see (idiom)
one or two; a few / a little; just a bit
one of the given (options etc) / the first / firstly
one stumble, unable to rise (idiom); a setback leading to total collapse / ruined at a stroke / unable to recover after a minor hitch
even / uniform / homogeneous
firstly, ...
untainted by even a speck of dust (idiom); selfless and incorruptible / spotless
obvious at a glance (idiom)
obvious at a glance (idiom)
to have the advantage overwhelmingly on one side / to support unconditionally
deeply attached / devoted
the name of various contactless smartcards, notably Yikatong (mainly for public transport in Beijing) and iPASS (mainly for public transport in Taiwan)
lit. to strike with a muckrake (idiom), cf Pigsy 豬八戒|猪八戒 in Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记; fig. to counterattack / to make bogus accusations (against one's victim)
to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat (idiom); an overnight celebrity
lit. one morning and one evening (idiom) / fig. in a short period of time / overnight
to set one's heart on sth (idiom)
all / without any exceptions / categorically
one by one
first under heaven / number one in the country
first instance (law)
just as in the past (idiom); as before / continuing as always
to be very clear about sth (idiom)
exactly the same (idiom) / carbon copy / also pr. [yi1 mo2 yi1 yang4]
single variable (math.) / univariate

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