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  *坐* | 坐* | *坐
to sit / to take a seat / to take (a bus, airplane etc) / to bear fruit / variant of
  *路* | 路* | *路
road / CL: 條|条 / journey / route / line (bus etc) / sort / kind
  *倒* | 倒* | *倒
to fall / to collapse / to lie horizontally / to overthrow / to fail / to go bankrupt / to change (trains or buses) / to move around / to resell at a profit
  *赶* | 赶* | *赶
to overtake / to catch up with / to hurry / to rush / to try to catch (the bus etc) / to drive (cattle etc) forward / to drive (sb) away / to avail oneself of (an opportunity) / until
car / automobile / bus / CL: 輛|辆
to be in operation / to do business / (of train, bus etc) to be in service / operation / service
line / circuit / wire / road / railway track / bus route
passenger transportation / (Tw) intercity bus
  *巴* | 巴* | *巴
to long for / to wish / to cling to / to stick to / sth that sticks / close to / next to / spread open / informal abbr. for bus 巴士 / bar (unit of pressure) / nominalizing suffix on certain nouns, such as 尾巴, tail
to change one's reservation / to transfer to a different flight, airline, bus or train
bus stop / bus station
terminus / final stop on rail or bus line
rail station / bus stop / CL: 處|处, 個|个
delimited area / defined section of a train or bus route / numerical range / (math.) interval
(coll.) large bus / coach / (abbr. for 大型巴士)
public transport vehicle / town bus / CL: 輛|辆
to change buses, trains etc
enclosed carriage for carrying passengers / motor carriage / car or bus / limousine / CL: , 輛|辆
coach / bus / passenger train
computer bus
ticket (for a bus or train)
to take the car, bus, train etc
bus (loanword) / motor coach
car door / door of bus, railway carriage etc
special (or reserved) train (or bus etc) / limousine / private car used as a taxi and booked via a smartphone app
running / operation (of airport, bus service, business etc)
to change train (plane, bus etc) / transfer between modes of transport
express (train, bus etc)
the next stop (of a bus etc)
to get on or into (a bus, train, car etc)
school bus
to get off or out of (a bus, train, car etc)
regular bus (service)
generating line / generatrix (in geometry) / bus (in electronics) / bus bar
(of a bus, train etc) to leave for / heading for
car window / window of vehicle (bus, train etc)
bus or tram stop / intermediate stop (on route of ship, plane etc) / port of call / stopover
bus / abbr. for 公共汽車|公共汽车 / car belonging to an organization and used by its members (government car, police car, company car etc) / abbr. for 公務用車|公务用车
route (of a bus etc)
bus information board / street sign for a bus stop / bus stop
bus transport
(bus, train etc) depot / car factory or repair shop
last bus or train / last chance
running in opposite direction (buses, trains, ferries etc)
waiting room (for train, bus etc)
bus stop
local bus or train / slow train with many stops
through train (or bus)
shuttle bus
long-distance bus / coach
translated word (such as company 公司 or bus 巴士 or club 俱樂部|俱乐部)
to transfer / to change trains, buses etc
shuttle bus / feeder bus
data bus (computer)
shuttle bus ferrying passengers between train stations on two different rail lines
bus shelter
kindergarten bus / baby carriage / stroller
(coll.) to ride in sb else's car to save money / to ride on a train or bus without buying a ticket (fare-dodging)
to put a new bus or railway station into operation
Universal Serial Bus, USB (computer)
extra bus or train
ring pull (can) / strap handle (on bus or train) / circular door handle
bus stop / bus station
Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) / (coll.) Pakistani brethren / Pakistani comrades / abbr. for 巴基斯坦鐵哥們|巴基斯坦铁哥们
to transfer / to change trains, buses etc
shuttle bus (or train) / train or bus traveling only part of its normal route
stop (on a bus or train route)
double-decker bus
to wait for a train or bus
bus stop
(computing) front-side bus (FSB)
passenger train (or bus)
bus stop
advanced stream (in school) / express (train, bus etc)
to miss (bus, train etc)
mixed use (e.g. pedestrians and vehicles) / joint operation (e.g. trains and buses)
double-decker bus
Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) (abbr. for 九龍巴士|九龙巴士)
mini bus (used for public transportation)
outbound leg (of a bus or train journey etc)
priority seat (on a bus etc) (Tw)
bus crew / driver and conductor
morning bus / early train
priority seating for the aged (on buses etc)
shuttle bus
Broadcast and Unknown Server / BUS
constant (math.) / quota / fixed number (e.g. of places on a bus) / fixed quantity (e.g. load of truck) / destiny
request bus stop

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