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  *流* | 流* | *流
to flow / to disseminate / to circulate or spread / to move or drift / to degenerate / to banish or send into exile / stream of water or sth resembling one / class, rate or grade
  *氵* | 氵* | *氵
"water" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 85), occurring in 沒|没, , etc / see also 三點水|三点水
imperial five punishments of feudal China, up to Han times: tattooing characters on the forehead , cutting off the nose , amputation of one or both feet , castration 宮|宫, execution 大辟 / Han dynasty onwards: whipping , beating the legs and buttocks with rough thorns , forced labor , exile or banishment , capital punishment
(orthography) inconsistent words (e.g. "through", "bough" and "rough", where "-ough" is not pronounced the same in each case) / inconsistent characters (e.g. , and , which are pronounced differently from each other even though they all have the same notional phonetic component)

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