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fast / high-speed / rapid
high speed
to speed up / to expedite
speed / rate / velocity / (music) tempo / CL: 個|个
  *速* | 速* | *速
fast / rapid / quick / velocity
accelerator (computing) / particle accelerator
rapid / speedy / fast
to change speed / to shift gear / variable-speed
expressway / highway / freeway
gearbox / transmission
to reduce speed / to slow down / to take it easy
(sports) to race / racing
speed / rate
to speed up / to accelerate / growth rate (economics)
to increase the specified cruising speed / to pick up speed / to speed up
hurried / at a great speed / rapid (development)
crash (course) / accelerated (process) / quick (fix) / instant (success) / to achieve in a short time
angular velocity / number of revolutions per minute
wind speed
flying speed / rapid (growth)
speed per hour
to adjust the speed
uniform velocity
speed limit
gearbox / speed changer / gear
vehicle speed
to develop rapidly
to quick-freeze
at top speed / at a tremendous lick
Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, completed in 2010 / abbr. for 京滬高速鐵路|京沪高速铁路
to exceed the speed limit / to speed / high-speed
very fast / at high speed
the speed of light
moderator / reducer (mechanical gearbox)
quick sketch
transmission rate / transmission speed
fast food (Tw)
differential (gear)
flow speed / rate of flow
speed reading
speed of sound
highway / expressway / same as 高速公路
quick results / fast-acting
uninvited or unexpected guest
linear velocity
intensive course / crash course
(to do sth) with dispatch / as soon as possible
top speed / at full speed
ultra high speed
lightning speed / amazingly rapid / incredible pace of development
angular velocity
manual gearbox / manual transmission
instant coffee
gear lever / stick shift
tachometer / RPM gauge
cache (computing)
mnemotechnic method
(loanword) pace (running)
lit. to want sth in haste, but cannot get there (idiom, from Analects); more haste, less speed / don't try to run before you can walk
escape velocity
to arrive without invitation / unexpected guest / unwanted presence
a blitzkrieg strategy (idiom) / to resolve sth in the shortest time possible / to get sth done quickly
high speed network
as quick as possible
Sea of Azov in southern Russia
high speed
groundspeed (of an aircraft etc)
speed at the end of the trajectory / speed in the final stage
tangential velocity
linear accelerator
low speed
REM sleep
rapid victory
drive-thru (loanword)
top gear / high gear
escape velocity
speed skating
low gear / bottom gear
wave velocity
fast food shop
lit. to want sth in haste, but cannot get there (idiom, from Analects); more haste, less speed / also written 欲速則不達|欲速则不达
instant noodles
particle accelerator
maximum speed / maximum velocity
rapid spread / to spread rapidly
gears (in a car)
lit. speed is a crucial asset in war (idiom) / fig. swift and resolute (in doing sth)
cache (computing)
to change gear
accelerator pedal
speed (of ship or plane)
Azores Islands

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