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  *逗* | 逗* | *逗
to stay / to stop / to tease (play with) / amusing / short pause in reading aloud, equivalent to comma (also written 讀|读)
comma (punct.)
(slang) silly but amusing person
(slang) silly but amusing person
to provoke / to entice / to lure / to tantalize / to tease / to titillate
to amuse / to make sb laugh / to tease
to amuse oneself / to clown around / to provoke laughter
to amuse / to cause to smile / amusing
to stay at / to stop over
amusing / funny / entertaining
to short-circuit / (fig.) to have a mental lapse / to get one's wires crossed / to be addled
to tease / to provoke / to play with (a child, animal etc)
to joke / to crack a joke
punctuation of a sentence (in former times, before punctuation marks were used) / period 句號|句号 and comma 逗號|逗号 / sentences and phrases
comic crosstalk / formalized comic dialogue between two stand-up comics: leading role 逗哏 and fall-guy 捧哏
lead comic / leading role in comic dialogue 對口相聲|对口相声 / to joke / to play the fool / to provoke laughter
provocative / tantalizing / titillating
to tantalize / to lead on / to tease
(dialect) to joke
to make people laugh
to banter
to provoke / to tease
variant of 逗留
to amuse / to make sb laugh / to tease
to flirt / to titillate / to provoke
to make fun of
erhua variant of 逗笑

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