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attack (esp. surprise attack) / raid / to attack
to plagiarize / to copy / to attack the flank or rear of an enemy
  *袭* | 袭* | *袭
(bound form) to raid; to attack / (bound form) to continue the pattern; to perpetuate / (literary) classifier for suits of clothing or sets of bedding
to invade / (of a storm etc) to strike / to hit
to mount a sneak attack / to raid
to raid; to storm / surprise attack
to invade / to assail / onslaught
night attack
to carry on as before / to follow (an old custom etc)
to carry out a long-range raid
succession / inheritance / hereditary
surprise attack / raid
to inherit / to follow / to adopt
to follow old patterns / to imitate existing models / to continue along the same lines
to make an air raid
variant of 抄襲|抄袭
to suffer attack / to be ambushed
follow the same old path (idiom); stuck in a rut / always the same routine
(of wind) to blow fiercely; (of a storm) to strike
to follow blindly
(of an animal) to pounce (on its prey) / (of extreme weather conditions) to hit (a city, province etc)
to counterattack; to strike back / (neologism c. 2013) (of an underdog) to go on the offensive; to make an improbable comeback
raid / to carry out a raid / to invade
succession struggle / dispute over inheritance
hereditary monarchy
sudden attack
terrorist attack
terrorist attack (abbr. for 恐怖襲擊|恐怖袭击)
to attack from an unexpected direction

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