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contradiction / CL: 個|个 / conflicting views / contradictory
  *矛* | 矛* | *矛
spear / lance / pike
to contradict oneself / self-contradictory / inconsistent
to be at loggerheads / to have a falling out
spearhead / barb / an attack or criticism
pike / lance / CL: ,
internal contradiction
On the correct handling of internal contradictions among the people, Mao Zedong's tract of 1957
to target sb or sth (for attack, criticism etc)
internal contradiction among the people (pretext for a purge)
tensions between mainland China and Hong Kong (since 1997)
contradictions between ourselves and the enemy / Either you are for us or against us.
lit. use sb's spear to attack his shield (idiom, derived from Han Feizi 韓非子|韩非子); turning a weapon against its owner / fig. to attack an opponent using his own devices / hoist with his own petard
ancient spear-like weapon 18 Chinese feet in length, with a wavy spearhead like a snake's body
(bird species of China) gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus)
(bird species of China) Chinese babax (Babax lanceolatus)
ancient spear-like weapon with a wavy spearhead like a snake's body
(bird species of China) lanceolated warbler (Locustella lanceolata)

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