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loss / damage / CL: 個|个 / to lose / to suffer damage
to damage / to injure
deficit / (financial) loss
  *损* | 损* | *损
to decrease / to lose / to damage / to harm / (coll.) to speak sarcastically / to deride / caustic / mean / one of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes ()
harm / to damage / to impair
to harm / to damage / to injure / impairment / loss / disability
to suffer damage
to be harmful (to)
to become damaged
wear and tear
profit and loss / increase and decrease
wear and tear / abrasion
to cause damage to / to ruin / to destroy
in good condition / undamaged / intact
injury such as contusion, sprain or fracture from falling, blow etc
defective / defect
strain (medicine)
impair, damage
income statement (US) / profit and loss account (UK)
to impair / to degrade / to decrease / to reduce / to weaken / to detract from / impairment (e.g. of financial assets)
brain damage
loss prevention
bad friend
to waste
(finance) stop-loss point (price at which one resolves to sell a security at a loss in order to avoid the possibility of having to sell later at an even lower price)
to harm others / to mock people / to taunt / humiliating
environmental damage
to mock / to disparage / to belittle
harming others for one's personal benefit (idiom); personal gain to the detriment of others
to harm others without benefiting oneself (idiom)
(TCM) consumptive disease, chronic deficiency disorder due to impaired function of inner organs, deficiency of qi, blood, yin and yang / asthenia
to contaminate
damage to goods during shipping
attrition rate
to damage the public interest for personal profit (idiom); personal profit at public expense / venal and selfish behavior
(computing) lossy compression
health damage
(idiom) complacency leads to loss, modesty brings profit / pride comes before a fall
thalamic lesions
bruising (damage to soft fruit etc)
collateral damage (both as a legal term, and as a military euphemism)
wear and tear / to wear away over time
old and damaged / in disrepair
(dialect) sharp-tongued / harsh
wishing for profit, but causing loss (idiom); good intentions that lead to disaster / It all ends in tears.
repetitive strain injury (RSI)
crippling taxation
to donate / donation
to ridicule
cortical visual impairment (CVI)
to humble
basal ganglia lesions
delayed lesion
neurological visual impairment (NVI)
anterior subcortical lesions
(finance) stop-loss / to sell a security in response to its price dropping to one's stop-loss point 止損點|止损点
stop-loss order (finance)
circumcision (Bible term)
stop-loss order (finance)
visual impairment

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