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to complain / to grumble / to harbor a complaint / to feel dissatisfied
to complain / to grumble (about) / to reproach / to blame
gratitude and grudges / resentment / grudges / grievances
  *埋* | 埋* | *埋
used in 埋怨
to resent / to harbor a grudge against / to loathe / resentment / rancor
  *怨* | 怨* | *怨
to blame / to complain
grief / resentment / aggrieved / plaintive
to work hard without complaint (idiom)
grievance / resentment / complaint
no complaints / to have no regrets
popular grievance / complaints of the people
hidden bitterness, secret grudge
hatred and desire for revenge
bitter resentment / rancor
(idiom) to blame the gods and accuse others
to arouse dislike / to incur hatred
resentment / grudge
to be full of remorse / to repent and redress one's errors
senior palace maiden / unmarried woman
lit. cries of complaint fill the roads (idiom); complaints rise all around / discontent is openly voiced
grievance / accumulated rancor
to pay back a score / to get revenge / to requite / (old) variant of 抱怨
enemy / foe
seething discontent (idiom); popular grievances boil over
resentment and indignation
to return good for evil (idiom) / to requite evil with good
lit. to blame the heavens and reproach the earth / fig. to rave and rant
an old grudge / old scores to settle
to arouse animosity
grievance / hatred
wail / lament / voice of complaint
an unhappy couple (formal writing)
cannot blame / no wonder
to repay kindness with kindness, and repay enmity with justice (idiom, from Analects)
old grievance / former complaint
to complain about one's fate / to bemoan one's lot
war on all sides (idiom); fighting from all four quarters
seething discontent (idiom); popular grievances boil over
to complain / to reproach
a wine cup dissolves complaints (idiom); a few drinks can ease social interaction
variant of 怨偶
to complain; to grumble
lit. cries of complaint fill the roads (idiom); complaints rise all around / discontent is openly voiced
to resent / to regret / grudge
lit. to blame the toilet because one is having difficulty completing a bowel movement (idiom) / fig. to blame others for problems caused by one's own shortcomings
to hold a grudge
to get blamed

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