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chocolate (loanword) / CL: 塊|块
ingenious / clever / ingenuity / artifice
skill / technique
fortunately / unexpectedly / by coincidence
small and exquisite / delicate / fine (features) / compact / nifty
  *巧* | 巧* | *巧
opportunely / coincidentally / as it happens / skillful / timely
coincidence / coincidental / to coincide
dexterous / deft / easy / light and easy to use / nimble / agile / lithe / graceful
clever (child) / smart / lovable / cute
deft / nimble / ingenious
by chance / by coincidence / to happen to
skillful hands / dexterous / a dab hand
tangram (traditional Chinese block puzzle)
fortuitously / luckily / as chance has it
just by chance / to happen to (just at the right time) / opportune
skilled workman
The cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice (idiom); You won't get anywhere without equipment.
dainty and delicate / exquisite
to seize every opportunity / to be full of tricks
with familiarity you learn the trick (idiom); practice makes perfect
capable / clever / dexterous
graceful words, flowery speech (idiom); elegant but insincere words / cheating wheedling / dishonest rhetoric
cunning / dexterous / ingenious
to overreach oneself / to try to be clever and end up with egg on one's face
maneuver / scheme
clever wife / ingenious housewife / Eurasian wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)
what a coincidence!
by chance / by coincidence / by good luck
Qiaojia county in Zhaotong 昭通, Yunnan
quick fix / opportune short cut (around a difficulty) / cheap trick (to get what one wants) / to pull a fast one
delicate / dainty
lit. to have a tongue like a reed (idiom) / fig. to have a glib tongue
innovative thinking / ingenuity
Qiaojia county in Zhaotong 昭通, Yunnan
curious coincidence
Homo habilis, extinct species of upright East African hominid (Tw)
to be skillful with one's hands / to be manually adroit
by coincidence / it so happened that / fortunately / against expectation
phonological skill
to work resourcefully / to apply intelligence
by happy coincidence
arriving early can't beat coming at the right time / perfect timing
chocolate chip
deceitful / crafty / artful
plan / scheme / intelligent / quick-witted
to argue skillfully or plausibly / rhetoric
to act cleverly to get what one desires / to get the best at least expense
the unvarnished truth is better than a cunning ruse (idiom) / honesty is the best policy
to fabricate excuses (idiom) / to concoct various items (e.g. to pad an expense account)
ingenious gear machine / elaborate contraption
patient work makes a skilled craftsman
to be glib in one's speech and wear an ingratiating expression (idiom)
too bad / unfortunately / as luck would have it
tchoukball (loanword)
traditional handcrafted toy (e.g. spinning top 陀螺, tangram 七巧板 etc) (Tw)

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