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to appear / to emerge / to present (a certain appearance) / to demonstrate
  *呈* | 呈* | *呈
to present to a superior / memorial / petition / to present (a certain appearance) / to assume (a shape) / to be (a certain color)
brilliant and varied / (often in the combination 精彩纷呈)
to (submit a) report
the dragon and phoenix are symbols of good fortune (idiom) / auspicious / decorated with auspicious symbols such as the dragon and the phoenix
Chenggong county in Kunming 昆明, Yunnan
to test positive
to present / to submit
to submit (to superiors)
(written) resignation
petition (submitted to a superior)
petition (submitted to a superior)
to test negative
Chenggong county in Kunming 昆明, Yunnan
to present / to render
to give / to hand
to present respectfully
document guaranteeing the words or actions of a third party (old)
(formal and deferential) to present / to submit

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