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common / joint / jointly / together / collaborative
altogether / in sum / in all / in total
to sum up to / to total
resonance (physics) / sympathetic response to sth
Creative Commons
to share / to enjoy together
  *共* | 共* | *共
common / general / to share / together / total / altogether / abbr. for 共產黨|共产党, Communist party
People's Republic of China
public / common / communal
abbr. for 中國共產黨|中国共产党, Chinese Communist Party
public transportation / mass transit / abbr. for 公共交通
Communist Party of China
Communist Party
Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, abbr. for 中國共產黨中央委員會|中国共产党中央委员会
common understanding / consensus
mutually profitable / win-win
(adj.) communist / communism / to collectivize ownership of property
public facilities / infrastructure
to have altogether / in all
the Communist Youth League, abbr. for 共產主義青年團|共产主义青年团
Communist Party member
Soviet Union, 1922-1991 / abbr. for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) 蘇維埃社會主義共和國聯盟|苏维埃社会主义共和国联盟
Organization Department / abbr. for 中共中央組織部|中共中央组织部
General Office of the Central Committee of the CCP, responsible for technical and logistical matters relating to the Central Committee / abbr. to 中辦|中办
republic / republicanism
bus / abbr. for 公共汽車|公共汽车 / car belonging to an organization and used by its members (government car, police car, company car etc) / abbr. for 公務用車|公务用车
to scheme together / to conspire / joint plan / conspiracy
overall character
to coexist / to get along (with others)
to jointly discuss / to discuss together (business)
to experience together with sb
cross a river in the same boat (idiom); fig. having common interests / obliged to collaborate towards common goals
West Germany / German Federal Republic 德意志聯邦共和國|德意志联邦共和国
to administer jointly
Chinese Nationalist Party 國民黨|国民党 and Chinese Communist Party 共產黨|共产党
Organization Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, which oversees appointments of Party members to official positions throughout China / abbr. to 中組部|中组部
to discuss together
the Communist Youth League
Dominican Republic
Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), organization within the CCP which investigates corruption and other wrongdoing among Party cadres / abbr. for 中共中央紀律檢查委員會|中共中央纪律检查委员会
Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, abbr. to 中共中央
Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of Congo
peaceful coexistence of nations, societies etc
Communist Youth League of China / China Youth League
General Office of the Central Committee of the CCP / abbr. for 中共中央辦公廳|中共中央办公厅
shared delights and common hardships (idiom); to share life's joys and sorrows / for better or for worse
Manifesto of the Communist Party / "Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei" by Marx and Engels (1848)
East Germany (1945-1990) / German Democratic Republic 德意志民主共和國|德意志民主共和国
to share the bed / (fig.) to be married
United Front (either of the two alliances between the Guomindang and the Communist Party, 1923-1927 and 1937-1945)
Republic of Andorra
(of enemies) cannot live under the same sky / absolutely irreconcilable
synchronic / concurrent
public interest
Republic of Macedonia (former Yugoslav republic)
common program / formal program of the communist party after 1949, that served as interim national plan
altogether / in total
magnetic resonance imaging MRI
public property
conjugate (math.) / conjugation
Guomindang 國民黨|国民党 and Chinese Communist Party 共產黨|共产党
to cooperate on a great undertaking or joint project
long-term coexistence
Zhou Enlai's Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence / 1954 Panchsheel series of agreements between PRC and India
common interest / mutual benefit
public holiday
something that everybody knows
Chinese Civil War, also known as War of Liberation 解放戰爭|解放战争
public order
common-mode (electronics)
can be enjoyed by scholars and lay-people alike (idiom)
party discipline committee
co-op owned house
a Republican party member
(of friends or partners) to share both the honor and the disgrace (idiom)
to discuss matters of vital importance
compatibility / the possibility of mutual coexistence
Federal Republic of Germany / former West Germany 1945-1990, now simply Germany
communist bandit (i.e. PLA soldier (during the civil war) or Chinese communist (Tw))
Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995), predecessor of Bosnia and Herzegovina 波斯尼亞和黑塞哥維那|波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那
(electronics) common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR)
to take down a confession
Communist Party of Vietnam / Viet Cong
abbr. for 歐洲共同體|欧洲共同体, European Community (old term for the EU, European Union)
to go through thick and thin together (idiom)
Democratic Republic of Vietnam (aka North Vietnam), a country in Southeast Asia 1945-1976
public intellectual (sometimes used derogatorily)

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