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to lack / to be short of / lack / shortage
impoverished / lacking / deficient / limited / meager / impoverishment / lack / deficiency
there is no lack of
lacking in strength / weak / feeble
to be deficient in sth / to be short of sth (supplies, money etc)
  *乏* | 乏* | *乏
short of / tired
tired / weary
clinical deficiency
to be nothing to write home about (idiom)
to be up to one's ears in work (idiom) / to be unable to attend to other things at the same time
monotonous / dull / tedious (idiom)
unable to turn around a hopeless situation (idiom) / to fail to save the situation
spent fuel
riders tired and horses weary (idiom) / worn out / exhausted / spent / fatigued
language deficit (linguistics)
to try to rouse oneself but lack the strength (idiom)
to accept a position on a provisional basis, in the absence of better qualified candidates (humble expr.)
Potiphar, the captain of the pharaoh's guard (in the account of Joseph in the Book of Genesis)
to relieve tiredness / to freshen up
spent fuel rods
no fear of deficiency / sufficient / abundant
(of a person) left unattended / not cared for
Poverty is a stranger to industry. (idiom)

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