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  *塔* | 塔* | *塔
pagoda / tower / minaret / stupa (abbr. loanword from Sanskrit tapo) / CL:
  *聳* | 聳* | *聳
to excite / to raise up / to shrug / high / lofty / towering
  *拖* | 拖* | *拖
to drag / to tow / to trail / to hang down / to mop (the floor) / to delay / to drag on
  *魏* | 魏* | *魏
tower over a palace gateway (old)
skyscraping / towering into the sky
to rise abruptly (to a towering position) / to tower over / to spring up / to emerge suddenly / the emergence (e.g. of a power)
multistoried building / tower / pagoda
iron tower
bell tower / campanile / clock tower / Bell Tower, historic attraction in Xian, Beijing etc
to tow / towed vehicle / towing vehicle
to drag / to tow
to pull / to draw (a cart) / to tow
  *巍* | 巍* | *巍
lofty / towering / Taiwan pr. [wei2]
  *譙* | 譙* | *譙
drum tower
Chihkan Tower (formerly Fort Provintia) in Tainan, Taiwan (also written 赤嵌樓|赤嵌楼)
plank walkway constructed on the face of a cliff / (archaic) elevated passageway connecting the upper levels of adjacent towers
to drag / to tow / (computing) to drag (mouse operation)
lofty or towering / sudden or abrupt
tower / CL:
towering / lofty and steep (mountains) / extraordinary / outstanding
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Eiffel Tower
erect / towering / to stand tall
cable carrier (used to protect cables and hoses attached to a machine) / tow chain
to tower / standing tall and upright (of large building)
TV tower
tower (of building)
(lit. and fig.) towering / lofty / high
Yueyang Tower, famous beauty spot in Yueyang, north Hunan, overlooking Dongting Lake 洞庭湖 / one of three famous pagodas in China along with Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓|黄鹤楼 in Wuhan, Hubei and Tengwang Tower 滕王閣|滕王阁 in Nanchang, Jiangxi
tow truck
tow rope
city gate tower
electricity pylon / transmission tower
to stand tall / to tower aloft
hero / towering figure
to tower / to stand straight (of person's bearing)
a drum tower / Drum Tower, historic attraction in Xian, Beijing etc
lofty / towering / majestic
Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan City, built in 223, burnt down in 1884, rebuilt in 1985 / favored place of poet sages, who in legend arrived riding golden cranes / Tang poem by Cui Hao 崔顥|崔颢, with theme 'the past will never return' / one of three famous pagodas in China along with Yueyang Tower 岳陽樓|岳阳楼 in Yueyang, north Hunan, and Tengwang Tower 滕王閣|滕王阁 in Nanchang, Jiangxi
balcony / high building (esp. in poetry) / tower
  *嵂* | 嵂* | *嵂
to rise sharply / to tower
mainstay / cornerstone / tower of strength
  *縴* | 縴* | *縴
boatman's tow-rope
On Yueyang Tower (1045), essay by Song writer Fan Zhongyan 范仲淹
cooling tower
Tower of Babel, in Genesis 11:5-foll.
unable to restrain one's anger (idiom); in a towering rage
towering / imposing
to live high and look down (idiom) / to overlook / to tower above / to occupy the high ground / fig. arrogance based on one's social position
Fan Zhongyan (989-1052), minister of Northern Song who led the failed reform of 1043, author of On Yueyang Tower 岳陽樓記|岳阳楼记
diving platform / diving tower / landing platform
Eiffel Tower
tower crane
  *崛* | 崛* | *崛
towering as a peak
tugboat / boat towed by a tugboat / to tow a boat
majestic / towering / imposing
stupa / tower venerating the ashes of the Buddha
control tower
Tengwang Tower in Nanchang, Jiangxi / one of three famous pagodas in China along with Yueyang Tower 岳陽樓|岳阳楼 in Yueyang, north Hunan, and Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓|黄鹤楼 in Wuhan, Hubei
to tow / (computing) to drag
traction / towing / pulling
Tokyo Tower
towering mountains and precipitous ridges (idiom)
watchtower / lookout tower
sand grains accumulate to make a tower a tower (idiom); by gathering small amounts one gets a huge quantity / many a mickle makes a muckle
Oriental Pearl Tower
  *兀* | 兀* | *兀
cut off the feet / rising to a height / towering / bald
  *砬* | 砬* | *砬
a huge boulder / a towering rock
to pull / to tow
  *嶢* | 嶢* | *嶢
high / steep / to tower
towering buildings are built up from the ground (idiom) / great oaks from little acorns grow
stony mound / rocky mountain / lofty / towering
North tower / Beita district of Shaoyang city 邵陽市|邵阳市, Hunan
small ventilation tower on roof of building
Jin Mao Tower, skyscraper in Shanghai
to stand tall and rock-solid (idiom) / towering majestically / (of a person) to stand up against sb
Cui Hao (-754), Tang dynasty poet and author of poem Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓|黄鹤楼
The first concern is affairs of state, enjoying the pleasure comes later. Quotation from essay On Yueyang Tower 岳陽樓記|岳阳楼记 by Song writer Fan Zhongyan 范仲淹
glazed tile pagoda / glazed tower of minaret
fire beacon tower (used in frontier regions in former times to relay information about the enemy, using smoke by day and fire at night)
observation tower / lookout tower
Oriental Pearl Television Tower
a tower crane
watch tower / drum tower marking night watches
watchtower / observation tower / police booth
North tower district / Beita district of Shaoyang city 邵陽市|邵阳市, Hunan
Chihkan Tower (formerly Fort Provintia) in Tainan, Taiwan (also written 赤崁樓|赤崁楼)
watch tower / movable battlefield turret
Yueyang Tower district of Yueyang city 岳陽|岳阳, Hunan
to tow (a car)
Tower of Buddhist Incense in the Summer Palace 頤和園|颐和园, Beijing
distillation tower / bubble tower / plate column
Jin Tower / abbr. for 天津環球金融中心|天津环球金融中心 Tianjin World Financial Center, skyscraper a.k.a. the Tianjin Tower
dice tower
outstanding / towering
to tow (a barge)
defensive tower / lookout tower / enemy radio station
World Trade Center (the twin towers destroyed by the 9-11 terrorists)
ivory tower
leaning tower

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