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  *電* | 電* | *電
lightning / electricity / electric (bound form) / to get (or give) an electric shock / phone call or telegram etc / to send via telephone or telegram etc
telephone / CL: / phone call / CL: / phone number
to make a telephone call
headphones / earphones / telephone receiver
to hold a conversation / to talk over the telephone / phone call
incoming telephone call (or telegram) / to phone in; to send in a telegram / to have an instant attraction to sb / (of electricity, after an outage) to come back
HSK 7-9
microphone / (telephone) receiver; handset / megaphone / (fig.) mouthpiece; spokesperson
HSK 7-9
magnetic card / IC Card (telephone)
HSK 7-9
telephone directory
telephone (loanword)
(telephone) extension / CL: 臺|台
to dial a telephone number
(of a guitar, kite etc) to have a string break / (of a tradition etc) to be discontinued / (telephone or Internet connection) disconnected / cut off
electric pole / telephone pole / lamppost / CL:
electric pole / telephone pole
mobile telephone
telephone network
busy (telephone line)
telephone booth
(telephone) conference call
telephone dial
central exchange / telephone exchange / switchboard
radio telephony / wireless telephone
to eavesdrop / to tap (telephone conversations) / to intercept and investigate
to inform by telegraph, telephone etc
telephone set
electric pole / telephone pole / lamppost / CL:
telephone receiver / headphone / earphone / earpiece / stethoscope
  *么* | 么* | *么
youngest / most junior / tiny / one (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers, esp. on telephone or in military) / one or ace on dice or dominoes / variant of , to shout
automatic telephone exchange
to dismantle a machine / to terminate a telephone service
hands-free (telephone function)
e-commerce (abbr. for 電子商務|电子商务) / (old) to negotiate by telegram or telephone
telephone service
(telephone) ring / ringing
(Tw) ringback tone (heard by the originator of a telephone call)
neighborhood telephone, with sb in charge of notifying others when they receive a call
stored-value card; prepaid card (telephone, transport etc)
(Tw) hands-free (telephone function)
public switched telephone network / PSTN
public switched telephone network / PSTN
public telephone network
area code / telephone dialing code
switch hook (button or cradle of a telephone, whose function is to disconnect the call)
landline telephone / fixed-line telephone
International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT)
to hang up properly (telephone, picture, clothes etc)
(of a device, e.g. public telephone, ticket inspection machine) designed to have a card or ticket inserted
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT)
long-term calling card (telephone)
Vodafone (telephone company)
to replace a lost or damaged SIM card, retaining one's original telephone number / SIM replacement
telephone booth
calling card (telephone)
(Tw) to make a telephone call (generally as a representative of a company, school or agency etc, to an individual, often for the purpose of conducting a survey) (abbr. for 電話訪問|电话访问)
telephone signal
area code / telephone dialing code
telephone card
telephone contact notebook; address book
telephone network
telephone line / telephone wire
telephone line
"Phone Gate", corruption scandal unearthed through telephone records
desirable number (for one's telephone, license plate etc) (i.e. one that includes memorable or auspicious combinations of digits)
mobile telephone
red phone, a telephone in the secure internal phone system used by the CCP elite
telephone pole / utility pole

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