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  *紙* | 紙* | *紙
paper (CL:張|张,) / classifier for documents, letters etc
  *團* | 團* | *團
round / lump / ball / to roll into a ball / to gather / regiment / group / society / classifier for a lump or a soft mass: wad (of paper), ball (of wool), cloud (of smoke)
  *張* | 張* | *張
to open up / to spread / sheet of paper / classifier for flat objects, sheet / classifier for votes
  *刀* | 刀* | *刀
knife / blade / single-edged sword / cutlass / CL: / (slang) dollar (loanword) / classifier for sets of one hundred sheets (of paper) / classifier for knife cuts or stabs
paper / treatise / thesis / CL: / to discuss a paper or thesis (old)
examination paper / test paper / CL: , 張|张
  *卷* | 卷* | *卷
to roll up / roll / classifier for small rolled things (wad of paper money, movie reel etc)
  *卷* | 卷* | *卷
scroll / book / volume / chapter / examination paper / classifier for books, paintings: volume, scroll
to fill a job vacancy / to fill in a blank (e.g. on questionnaire or exam paper)
written examination / paper test (for an applicant)
test paper; examination paper
HSK 7-9
blueprint / drawing / design plans / graph paper
HSK 7-9
paper money / a bill (e.g. 100 yuan) / CL: 張|张, 紮|扎
HSK 7-9
paper-cut silhouette / outline / sketch
paper bag
letter / letter paper
to review (a paper or manuscript)
lantern with a carousel of paper horses rotating under convection, used at Lantern Festival 元宵節|元宵节 / chaser lights / self-scrolling horizontal text display, such as a news ticker
  *裱* | 裱* | *裱
to hang (paper) / to mount (painting)
  *榖* | 榖* | *榖
paper mulberry tree
ritual money made of paper burnt for the Gods or the dead
  *構* | 構* | *構
to construct / to form / to make up / to compose / literary composition / paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera)
paper tiger
to put pen to paper
folder / file (paper)
paper clip
joss paper made to resemble paper money
paper towel / napkin / facial tissue / CL: 張|张,
kraft paper
  *褙* | 褙* | *褙
paper or cloth pasted together
human figure made of paper or papier-mâché
  *令* | 令* | *令
classifier for a ream of paper
white paper (e.g. containing proposals for new legislation) / white book
to fold paper (to make origami articles); origami
paperback / paper-cover
toilet paper
paper matrix in which type is set
to try to smooth things over / to paper over the issues / to gloss things over
fine paper made from bamboo, used for calligraphy, painting etc / also written 毛邊|毛边
piece of paper with short note / short letter
photographic paper
filter paper
paper clip
wrapping paper
a worthless piece of paper (idiom)
joss paper made to resemble paper money
to make the sign of the cross / to make a cross (on paper)
lit. military tactics on paper (idiom) / fig. theoretical discussion that is worse than useless in practice / armchair strategist / idle theorizing / cf Zhao Kuo 趙括|赵括 leading an army of 400,000 to total annihilation at battle of Changping 長平之戰|长平之战 in 260 BC
to write or draw with a brush / to put pen to paper / to write
fine writing paper, originally from Jing county 涇縣|泾县, Xuancheng 宣城, Anhui
slip of paper
paper clip
waste paper
paper pulp
papercutting (Chinese folk art) / to make paper cutouts
notebook / paper notepad / laptop computer
ash from burnt paper
short note / slip of paper / stripe / (slang) cop / (old) prostitute
bank notes / paper currency / CL: 張|张
paper pattern as model in dressmaking / paper patten
to put pen to paper; to start writing or painting
squared paper / graph paper / grid paper (manuscript paper with squares for Chinese characters)
  *鈔* | 鈔* | *鈔
money / paper money / variant of
title page / flyleaf / end paper
lit. one object bests another object / every item has a weakness (idiom) / there is a rock to every scissor, a scissor to every paper, and a paper to every rock
lit. dazzling with paper and gold (idiom); fig. indulging in a life of luxury
wide belt / sash / (packaging) paper sash around a book or other product
lit. paper can't wrap fire; fig. the truth will out
to put pen to paper
to burn paper offerings (as part of religious ceremony)
to appear vividly on paper (idiom); to show forth vividly (in writing, painting etc) / to stand out markedly
to draw together / to place side by side (e.g. one's fingers, two halves of a torn sheet of paper etc)
draft paper
scrap paper
  *箔* | 箔* | *箔
plaited matting (of rushes, bamboo etc) / silkworm basket / metal foil / foil paper
to put pen to paper; to start to write or draw
lantern with a carousel of paper horses rotating under convection, used at Lantern Festival 元宵節|元宵节 / (fig.) revolving door; musical chairs (metaphor for people being shuffled around into different jobs)
wax paper / stencil paper
to present (a gift) / offering / to feed (a signal to a device, paper to a printer etc)
(idiom) a piece of paper is too short to convey my feelings
to write without lifting one's pen from the paper / (in the Romanization of Chinese) to write two or more syllables together as a single word (not separated by spaces)
tall conical paper hat worn as a public humiliation / dunce cap / (fig.) flattery
form of divination similar to the Ouija board, in which participants use their forefingers to push a small saucer over a sheet of paper inscribed with numerous Chinese characters
rice paper / membrane of glutinous rice, used to wrap sweets etc
joss paper
print media / (old) paper taper used to light a cigarette etc
letter paper / writing paper
money extorted by bandits in exchange for safe passage; illegal toll / (old) paper money strewn along the path of a funeral procession
a piece, scrap or fragment of paper
pattra palm tree (Corypha umbraculifera), whose leaves were used as paper substitute for Buddhist sutras
  *潢* | 潢* | *潢
dye paper / lake / pond / mount scroll
toilet paper
  *哧* | 哧* | *哧
(onom.) giggling / breathing / tearing of paper, ripping of fabric etc
rice-paper plant (Tetrapanax papyriferus)
false paper money burned as an offering to the dead
piece of paper with short note / short letter
trimmer / paper cutter
completed examination paper / answer sheet / CL: , 張|张
(old) to seal an examinee's name on the examination paper to prevent fraud

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