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to immigrate / to migrate / emigrant / immigrant
to migrate / to move
HSK 7-9
Hakka ethnic group, a subgroup of the Han that in the 13th century migrated from northern China to the south
to migrate / to move to a new place of residence
to migrate to Beijing in search of better job opportunities / migrant worker living and working in Beijing without a residence permit
to migrate / to move
(of fish) to migrate
to migrate / to move house
  *遰* | 遰* | *遰
to go away / to migrate
to migrate / to resettle
vagrant bird (a migrating bird which has lost its way) / a vagrant
(of birds) to migrate south for the winter
children born to parents from rural areas who have migrated to urban areas
Snake island viper (Gloydius shedaoensis), feeding on migrating birds
to migrate (of birds)
Snake island viper (Gloydius shedaoensis), feeding on migrating birds

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