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the day after tomorrow / life after birth (the period in which one develops through experiences, contrasted with 先天) / acquired (not innate or congenital) / a posteriori
  *生* | 生* | *生
to be born / to give birth / life / to grow / raw / uncooked / student
to live / life / livelihood
to feel sad / to feel unwell / (of life) to be difficult
day / a (calendar) date / days of one's life
all one's life; throughout one's life
life (as the characteristic of living beings) / living being; creature (CL:個|个,條|条)
age / era / epoch / period (in one's life) / CL: 個|个
life (one's time on earth)
character / intrinsic quality (of a person) / quality (of a product or service, or as in "quality of life", "air quality" etc)
  *拼* | 拼* | *拼
to piece together / to join together / to stake all / adventurous / at the risk of one's life / to spell
sour, sweet, bitter and spicy hot / fig. the joys and sorrows of life
lifelong / all one's life / marriage
track (for trains etc) / orbit (of a satellite) / (fig.) a person's established path in life / desired trajectory (of a business or other endeavor) / (audio engineering) track / (quantum mechanics) orbital
to provide for the elderly (family members) / to enjoy a life in retirement
to sacrifice one's life / to sacrifice (sth valued) / beast slaughtered as a sacrifice
to save sb's life / (interj.) Help! / Save me!
  *命* | 命* | *命
life / fate / order or command / to assign a name, title etc
personnel / human resources / human affairs / ways of the world / (euphemism) sexuality / the facts of life
HSK 7-9
to revive / (lit. and fig.) to come back to life / (religion) resurrection
HSK 7-9
life span / life expectancy / lifetime (of a machine)
HSK 7-9
a thousand pounds hangs by a thread (idiom) / imminent peril / a matter of life or death
HSK 7-9
HSK 7-9
to live one's life / to pass one's days / to get along
HSK 7-9
to provide for / to keep (animals, a family etc) / to raise animals / to feed and clothe / support / the necessities of life / to give birth
HSK 7-9
joys and sorrows / partings and reunions / the vicissitudes of life
HSK 7-9
to endanger / to jeopardize / a danger (to life, national security etc)
HSK 7-9
to make life difficult for / to embarrass / unable to make it through
HSK 7-9
fatal / mortal / deadly / to sacrifice one's life
HSK 7-9
life (a person's whole life) / in one's entire life
HSK 7-9
eager to excel / eager to get ahead in life / strong-minded
HSK 7-9
throughout one's life / lifetime; lifelong
HSK 7-9
each goes his own way (idiom); each person has his own life to lead
HSK 7-9
to eat, drink and be merry (idiom) / to abandon oneself to a life of pleasure
HSK 7-9
to flee for one's life
HSK 7-9
lifelike / true to life / distinctly / clearly
HSK 7-9
organism / living creature / life form / biological / CL: 個|个
HSK 7-9
to die / to lose one's life
HSK 7-9
to conspire to murder / to plot against sb's life
HSK 7-9
mutually dependent for life (idiom); to rely upon one another for survival / interdependent
HSK 7-9
to paint a dragon and dot in the eyes (idiom); fig. to add the vital finishing touch / the crucial point that brings the subject to life / a few words to clinch the point
HSK 7-9
career / life (way in which sb lives) / period of one's life
HSK 7-9
new / newborn / emerging / nascent / rebirth / regeneration / new life / new student
HSK 7-9
vivid and colorful (idiom); true to life / lively and realistic
HSK 7-9
life or death
HSK 7-9
lit. to make sb wear tight shoes (idiom) / to make life difficult for sb
HSK 7-9
shelf life / expiration date
HSK 7-9
to do one's utmost; with all one's might; at all costs; (to work or fight) as if one's life depends on it
HSK 7-9
(of a deceased) during one's life / while living
HSK 7-9
rarity / rare delicacy / foreign matter / alien body / the dead / ghost / monstrosity / alien life-form
green hills / (the good) life
spray / ocean spray / spindrift / fig. happenings from one's life / CL:
(Tw) (abbr. for 教育與娛樂|教育与娱乐) education and entertainment, the 5th and 6th aspects of life beyond the four basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter and transportation 食衣住行 / (sometimes used to signify edutainment or just recreation)
primordial spirit / fundamental essence of life
life / to survive / to save a life / to scrape a living
way of life / lifestyle
scientific name / Latin name (of plant or animal) / (according to an old system of nomenclature) on entering school life, a formal personal name given to new students
one's life experience; one's lot; one's past history
the remaining years of one's life / survival (after a disaster)
morning dew / fig. precarious brevity of human life / ephemeral
to commit one's energy to / to devote oneself to / to sacrifice one's life for / (coll.) (of a woman) to give one's virginity to
affairs of life / things of the world
to commit suicide / to have one's life cut short
natural life span
  *身* | 身* | *身
body / life / oneself / personally / one's morality and conduct / the main part of a structure or body / pregnant / classifier for sets of clothes: suit, twinset / Kangxi radical 158
resurrection / rebirth / reinvigorated / rejuvenated / a new lease of life
limited term of imprisonment (i.e. anything less than life imprisonment)
wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject (idiom); effete language without substance / love affair / romance is in the air / dissipated life
auspicious day / good day / happy life
(polite) birthday making the beginning of new decade of life for an older person, especially over 50 years old (e.g. 60th or 70th birthday)
all one's life / lifetime
to change shape in a single shake / fig. to take on a new lease of life
to live one's life / to make a living
to give one's heart to / to devote one's life to
to preserve one's life; to ensure one's survival
to give a new lease of life / to reconstruct / to reform / to rework / to recycle / to reproduce (copies, or offspring) / restoration / restructuring
lit. can pass through (an opening) / fig. can get by (in life) / tolerably well / not too bad / How are you getting by? / How's life?
half dead (of torment, hunger, tiredness etc) / (tired) to death / (terrified) out of one's wits / (beaten) to within an inch of one's life / (knock) the daylights out of sb
  *蟲* | 蟲* | *蟲
lower form of animal life, including insects, insect larvae, worms and similar creatures / CL: 條|条, 隻|只 / (fig.) person with a particular undesirable characteristic
the critical moment / life and death crisis
realism / realistic portrayal / realistic / true to life
this life / this age
full of life / exuberant
sex life
since birth / for one's whole life
Yanshou county in Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨, Heilongjiang / to extend life
to grapple (with the enemy) / to fight at the risk of one's life
everyday life / regular pattern of life
may you live a long and happy life together (wedding greeting)
to die young / (Tw) (curse word) drop dead / go to hell / (literary) short life and long life
lit. torn body and crushed bones (idiom) / fig. to die horribly; to sacrifice one's life
to lose one's footing / to slip / to take a wrong step in life
to bring back to life
to imitate to perfection / to be remarkably true to life
the sun and moon / day and month / every day and every month / season / life and livelihood
to die of old age / to die in one's bed at a ripe old age / (fig.) (of a structure or machine etc) to come to the end of its life
from the cradle to the grave (idiom); to go through fire and water / brave / willing to risk life and limb
chronicle (of sb's life)
(Chinese folk religion) Meng Po, goddess who gives a potion to souls before they are reincarnated, which makes them forget their previous life / (Chinese folk religion) Meng Po, goddess of the wind
(of fruit etc) fresh / (of a person etc) full of life; healthy-looking / (of eyes) moist and bright; lustrous

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