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  *田* | 田* | *田
field / farm / CL:
  *農* | 農* | *農
peasant / to farm / agriculture / diligent (old) / government field official (old)
agricultural chemical / farm chemical / pesticide
plowing and weeding / farm work / fig. to work or study diligently
farm / ranch
(farm) crops
agriculture products / farm produce
fuel depot / fuel farm
dairy farm
farm work
field / farm / farming area / village
producer (of goods, commodities or farm produce etc) / manufacturer / (biology) autotroph
to farm / farming
to have one's heart filled with / (to collide) full on / (of farm animals) heavy with young
farm house
  *畦* | 畦* | *畦
small plot of farm land / Taiwan pr. [xi1]
wildfire / (spreading like) wildfire / bush fire / farm fire (for clearing fields)
  *稼* | 稼* | *稼
to sow grain / (farm) crop
chicken farm
farm crop / CL: 種|种
to farm / to work the land
money farm (dealing in illegal foreign currency of money laundering)
livestock, or specifically the six farm animals cow, horse, sheep, cock, dog, pig 牛馬羊雞狗豬|牛马羊鸡狗猪 / an insult, You animal!
educated youth (sent to work in farms during the Cultural Revolution)
collective farm, Russian: kolkhoz
farm implements / farm tools
  *畈* | 畈* | *畈
field / farm
  *垌* | 垌* | *垌
field / farm / used in place names
(literary) sowing and reaping / farm work
to help with farm work / casual laborer
wind farm / wind park
wind farm / wind park
Orwell (name) / George Orwell (1903-1950), British novelist, author of Animal Farm 動物農場|动物农场 and 1984 一九八四年
farm / feed lot / dry lot
Animal Farm (1945), novel and famous satire on communist revolution by George Orwell 喬治·奧威爾|乔治·奥威尔
to remove armor and return to the farm / to return to civilian life
peasant woman (in former times) / female farm worker
farm hand
private plot allocated to an individual on a collective farm
George Orwell (1903-1950), British novelist, author of Animal Farm 動物農場|动物农场 and 1984
Animal Farm (1945), novel and famous satire on communist revolution by George Orwell 喬治·奧威爾|乔治·奥威尔 / also translated 動物農場|动物农场
pest bird (esp. one that feeds on farm crops or newly hatched fish)
livestock / farm animals
fixing of farm output quotas for each household
the Seven Duties of a sovereign, namely: offering sacrifice 祭祀, giving audience 朝覲|朝觐, administering jointly 會同|会同, receiving guests 賓客|宾客, running army 軍旅|军旅, attending to farm work 田役, mourning ceremonial 喪荒|丧荒
not miss the farming season / do farm work in the right season
fixed government purchase (esp of farm products)
farm work
one able to do light manual labor only / semi-able-bodied or part time (farm) worker
unified government purchase at fixed price (esp of farm products)
system of quotas for farm output per household
farm work
farm work
captive breeding facility / breeding farm

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