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bitter / hardship / pain / to suffer / to bring suffering to / painstakingly
exhausting / hard / tough / arduous / to work hard / to go to a lot of trouble / hardship(s)
pain / suffering / painful / CL: 個|个
difficult / hard / arduous
hardworking / assiduous
bitter and astringent / pained / agonized
bitterness finishes, sweetness begins (idiom); the hard times are over, the good times just beginning
good times and hardships / joys and tribulations / for better or for worse
sour, sweet, bitter and spicy hot / fig. the joys and sorrows of life
to suffer hardship
to train hard / to practice diligently / hard work / blood, sweat, and tears
to suffer untold hardships (idiom); trials and tribulations / with difficulty / after some effort
bitter struggle / hard battle / arduous effort
impoverished / destitute
poverty-stricken / poor
chinaberry (Melia azedarach)
why bother? / is it worth the trouble?
vexed / distressed
to grumble / to complain / grievance
painstakingly / with great trouble
bitter work / hard toil / (loanword) coolie, unskilled Chinese laborer in colonial times
to suffer unspeakable misery / indescribably painful / hellish
lit. sea of bitterness / abyss of worldly suffering (Buddhist term) / depths of misery
hard lot / bitter fate / unfortunate
deprivation / distressed / miserable
to have difficulty getting by / to struggle (financially etc)
earnest and well-meaning advice (idiom); to persuade patiently
to build up an enterprise through painstaking efforts
bitter melon (bitter gourd, balsam pear, balsam apple, leprosy gourd, bitter cucumber)
to bear hardships
to think hard / bitter thoughts / to pour out one's sufferings
victim's family (esp. in murder case)
strenuously / persistently / hard / painful
lit. bitter fruit / fig. painful consequence
to force a smile / a bitter laugh
anxiety / distress
bitter work / sweated labor
bitter water (e.g. mineral water containing sulfates) / suffering / digestive fluids rising from stomach to the mouth / fig. bitter complaint
to be born under an ill star
to endure (years of suffering)
hard work / laborious effort / painstaking work
shared delights and common hardships (idiom); to share life's joys and sorrows / for better or for worse
forlorn / miserable
to ponder earnestly / to give a lot of thought to sth
liquorice (Sophora flavescens), with roots used in TCM
to suffer every possible torment (idiom); bitter hardship / to bear one's cross
hard labor (in penal code) / coolie
solitary and impoverished (idiom)
to sour / to turn sour / to curdle
to speak sarcastically / to make cutting remarks
to spare no effort
depressed / dejected / feeling low
bitter cold
wretched situation / plight / wretched / miserable
wretched state / miserable plight
secret trouble / sorrow / difficulties
bitter taste / bitterness
pain / suffering
to toil / hard work
to whine about hardships / to complain of one's bitter lot / to complain / to grumble
to suffer from (a disadvantage)
to study diligently / to train assiduously
toil / hard work
ascetic practice
to find joy in sorrows (idiom); to enjoy sth in spite of one's suffering
hardworking and enduring hardships (idiom)
gall bladder
to look anxious (idiom) / to look miserable
having unspeakable bitter suffering / (often used after 啞巴吃黃連|哑巴吃黄连)
pain and difficulties / suffering (of the people)
chinaberry (Melia azedarach)
to whine on for days (idiom) / to endlessly grumble complaints / incessant whining
the eight distresses - birth, age, sickness, death, parting with what we love, meeting with what we hate, unattained aims, and all the ills of the five skandhas (Buddhism)
to bury oneself in work (idiom); to be engrossed in work / to make an all-out effort / up to the neck in work
forced labor / corvée / penal servitude
to ask for trouble (idiom) / to make a rod for one's own back
lit. bitter taste (cf good medicine tastes bitter 良藥苦口|良药苦口) / fig. earnestly (of warning, advice)
to take a lot of trouble (idiom); painstaking / at the cost of a lot of effort
to struggle arduously
one cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations (proverb) / no pain, no gain
hardworking / assiduous
to study diligently
destitute but honest / poor and simple / spartan / austere
painstaking effort / to take a lot of trouble / laborious at pains
to work hard
to escape from the abyss of suffering / to shed off a wretched plight
hard task / difficult mission / arduous and unrewarding undertaking / drudgery / grind / chore
to complain without stopping (idiom); to bitch endlessly / incessant grievances
to study hard / assiduous
sour expression on one's face
to consider from all angles (idiom); to think hard / to rack one's brains
to suffer / to suffer for one's actions / to pay dearly / to burn one's fingers
to make nothing of hardships
to consider from all angles (idiom); to think hard / to rack one's brains
Heaven will not disappoint the person who tries (idiom). If you try hard, you're bound to succeed eventually.
great bitterness, deep hatred (idiom); deeply ingrained long-standing resentment
to abandon suffering and obtain happiness (Buddhism)

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