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to select / to pick / choice / option / alternative
to filter
to elect / election / CL: , 個|个
to be elected / to be selected
to take part in an election / to run for office
athlete / contestant
to select the best
candidate (attributive)
(software) menu
  *選* | 選* | *選
to choose / to pick / to select / to elect
to choose / to select
to select / (computing) to click on (one of several options) / to navigate to (a webpage)
to make a choice (between several alternatives) / a choice / an option / an alternative
to select and purchase / to buy
carefully chosen / handpicked / best of the bunch / choice (product) / concentration (mining) / to concentrate / to winnow
general election
to choose
to choose by oneself / free to choose / optional / self-service
to choose for some purpose / to select and use
to select (one or more options from a list) / to check (a box)
to select / to pick
to vote by ballot
selective / selectiveness / selectivity
to select courses
candidate / CL:
first choice / premium / to come first in the imperial examinations
to select on the basis of a vote or consensus
to be chosen / to be elected as
(at a school) to take as an elective / an elective / elective (subject)
to call for entries and select the best / to solicit (entries, submissions, applications etc) / to select (the best candidate) / contest / competition
to choose an appropriate location
to pick / to choose / to select
presidential election
Wang Xuan (1937-2006), Chinese printing industry innovator
electoral district / constituency
to be a candidate in an election or other selection process / to run for office / to turn out to vote
primary election
available / optional
to select talented individuals / (sports) draft
to select / to choose / to settle on
to win an election / to get a position by passing the imperial exam
choice of person / candidate
a vote / ballot / CL: 張|张
election participant / candidate
to pick out / to select / to elect
presidential election
to select / to sort out
multiple-choice question
election campaign
universal suffrage
selected works (poems, documents etc) / anthology
beauty contest
to optimize / preferred
to select very carefully
to buy votes (in an election)
to have no other choice
democratically elected
Ministry of Examination, Taiwan
to elect / to choose / to nominate
voter / constituency / electorate
reelection / to reelect
legislative elections
excerpt / selection (from a book) / to select / to choose an extract
selective listening (linguistics)
to decant / to strain off
to select a suitable site / site / location
Election Committee (Hong Kong)
to choose / to pick / to settle upon / to decide upon a candidate / to be selected for some role
to win an election
to fail to be chosen (or elected) / to lose an election
to select / to detail / to set apart / to appoint
preselection / short-listing / primary election
alternative (plan, arrangement, strategy etc)
voter / elector
seed selection / breeding
compilation / selected works
talent show / talent competition
to select and send over
direct election
(election) campaign
the state of play in an election / the current state of a candidate's campaign
optional course (in school)
Selected Works of Mao Zedong / abbr. for 毛澤東選集|毛泽东选集
to select and edit / to compile
an excerpt / a digest
check box
beauty contest
collaborative filtering
to select
Electoral College (of the United States)
to withdraw from an election / to drop out of an elective course
voter registration
natural selection
selected (for admission) / elected
flotation process
non-competitive election (i.e. with as many candidates as there are seats) / single-candidate election
free agency

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