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  *逢* | 逢* | *逢
to meet by chance / to come across / (of a calendar event) to come along / (of an event) to fall on (a particular day) / to fawn upon
to meet (by chance) / to come across
to meet again / to be reunited / reunion
every time / on each occasion / whenever
to just happen to coincide with
strangers coming together by chance (idiom)
to encounter (sth unpleasant)
extremely rare (idiom) / once in a blue moon
lit. to meet face to face on a narrow path (idiom) / fig. enemies or rivals meet face to face
to come back from death's door (idiom); unexpected rescue from danger / fig. to recover from a seemingly impossible situation / to find a way out of a predicament
at the Chinese New Year or other festivities
born at the wrong time (idiom); unlucky (esp. to complain about one's fate) / born under an unlucky star / ahead of his time
it's a small world (idiom)
misfortune turns to blessing (idiom); to turn an inauspicious start to good account
to meet again after a long period of separation
lit. to strike water right and left (idiom) / fig. to turn everything into gold / to have everything going one's way / to benefit from both sides
Qiu Fengjia or Ch'iu Feng-chia (1864-1912), Taiwanese Hakkanese poet
lit. find a stage, put on a comedy (idiom); to join in the fun / to play along according to local conditions
to be evenly matched / to meet one's match
to fawn on / to ingratiate oneself / (literary) to meet face to face
doubly homesick for our dear ones at each festive day (from a poem by Wang Wei 王維|王维)
lit. the spring comes upon a withered tree (idiom) / fig. to get a new lease on life / to be revived / (of a difficult situation) to suddenly improve
to just happen to coincide with the occasion (idiom) / to be present just at the right time
to come at the right time / to be opportune
on the happy occasion of
to bow down to everything sb says or does / to act submissively in order to ingratiate oneself
market day
to tell anybody one happens to meet
to come across sth scary / to have a fright
a thousand cups of wine is not too much when best friends meet (idiom) / when you're with close friends, you can let your hair down
when it rains, it pours (idiom)

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