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unworthy / to let down / I'm sorry / excuse me / pardon me / if you please / sorry? (please repeat)
(of an aircraft) to take off
to give rise to / to lead to / to cause / to arouse
amazing / terrific / extraordinary
origin / to originate / to come from
originally / at first / at the outset
to lift / to raise in height / to begin / upsurge / to set off (a campaign)
at the minimum / at the very least
to move up and down / to undulate / ups and downs
  *起* | 起* | *起
to rise / to raise / to get up / to set out / to start / to appear / to launch / to initiate (action) / to draft / to establish / to get (from a depot or counter) / verb suffix, to start / starting from (a time, place, price etc) / classifier for occurrences or unpredictable events: case, instance / classifier for groups: batch, group
in the same place / together / with / altogether (in total)
to stand up / to get up / also pr. [qi3 lai2]
(after a verb) indicating the beginning and continuation of an action or a state / indicating an upward movement (e.g. after ) / indicating completion / (after a perception verb, e.g. ) expressing preliminary judgment / also pr. [qi3 lai5]
seemingly / apparently / looks as if / appear to be / gives the impression that / seems on the face of it to be
to originate / to initiate / to launch (an attack, an initiative etc) / to start / to propose sth (for the first time)
to rise abruptly (to a towering position) / to tower over / to spring up / to emerge suddenly / the emergence (e.g. of a power)
to originate
starting point
to stand up
cheese (loanword) (Tw)
to catch fire / to cook / to get angry
motive / purpose / (sth) being the motive or purpose
to remember / to recall
to recall / to think of / to call to mind
to mention / to bring up (a subject) / with regard to / as for
to lift up
to sue / to bring a lawsuit against / to prosecute
to set out / to set in motion / the start (of some activity)
to heave / to lift / to raise up / to uphold
to sound like
can't stand it / to be unable to bear / to be unable to resist
to get better / to improve / to get well
to set about (doing sth)
to name / to christen / to take a name
living room / sitting room
to erect (a tent etc) / to prick up (one's ears) / to raise (one's eyebrows) / to stick up (one's thumb) / to turn up (one's collar) / (of a bird) to puff up (one's feathers)
proposer / initiator / founding member
to raise one's head / to perk up
to feel deep veneration for sb (idiom)
to get up / to leave / to set forth
cheese (loanword) (Tw)
baking soda (used to leaven bread) / screwdriver / bottle opener
not to let sb down / to treat sb fairly / be worthy of
to stick up / to point sth up
to rise / to spring up / to burgeon / to be aroused / to come into vogue
to be able to withstand / to be able to endure
to get out of bed / to get up
indictment (law) / statement of charges (law)
to start running / the start of a race
to arise again / to make a comeback / resurgence
to mention / to speak of / to lift / to pick up / to arouse / to raise (a topic, a heavy weight, one's fist, one's spirits etc)
to start in surprise / to give a jolt of surprise
to originate
can't afford to offend / dare not provoke / difficult to deal with / insufferable
uprising / insurrection / revolt
to surge like a gathering storm (idiom) / to grow by leaps and bounds
to start up (a motor) / to launch (a computer application)
to rise high / to spring up
at first / in the beginning
erection / to have an erection
to bubble / to foam / to blister / to sprout boils (on one's body) / sparkling (wine etc)
to recall / to recollect
(of a ship) to set sail / (of an aeroplane) to take off / also written 啟航|启航
to pick up
to raise / to lift up (curtains, clothing etc)
Wu Qi (440-381 BC), military leader and politician of the Warring States Period (475-220 BC), author of Wuzi 吳子|吴子, one of the Seven Military Classics of ancient China 武經七書|武经七书
Wuqi county in Yan'an 延安, Shaanxi
to pick up (from the ground with one's hands)
to arouse / to evoke / to cause / to stir up
to conceive a scheme / to devise a plan
to hang up (a picture etc) / to hoist up (a flag) / (computing) to suspend (a process) / (of a system) to hang / pending (operation)
to start out by / to grow an enterprise beginning with / to begin one's career by
Fenchihu, town in Chiayi County, Taiwan
to start / at first / beginning
cause / a factor (leading to an effect)
Kia (Motors)
cannot afford / can't afford buying
(of aircraft) to take off and land
to put together
beginning and end (dates)
to set out / to leave
to get up early
to waken (to action) / to rouse (the masses) / to evoke (attention, recollection etc)
(of skin) to peel
to provoke / to stir up / to incite
to look down upon / to despise
start and end (dates) / origin and destination
to roll up / to curl up / (of dust etc) to swirl up
to summon one's courage
to look down upon / to hold in contempt
a turn for the better / to pick up / to improve
everyday life / regular pattern of life
convex / protruding / to protrude / to bulge / to buckle upwards
to surround / to encircle / to enclose / to fence in
to vow / to swear an oath
an up-and-coming youngster / new talent / a brilliant younger generation

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