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  *賤* | 賤* | *賤
inexpensive / lowly
morally loose, lewd and low, lascivious and mean / wanton
slut / cheap person
poor and lowly
to sell cheaply / sacrifice / low price / discount sale
noble and lowly / high versus low social hierarchy of ruler to people, father to son, husband to wife in Confucianism
social stratum below the level of ordinary people / untouchable / dalit (India caste)
lowly / mean and low
bitch / slut
humble / lowly / depraved / contemptible
humble / lowly
miserable wretch / contemptible individual
not shaken by poverty / to preserve one's ambitions although destitute
lowly / despicable / to despise
to sell at a big discount
my wife (humble)
to revere the past and despise the present (idiom)
contemptuous term
to revere the past and despise the present (idiom)
close and distant, rich and poor (idiom); everyone / all possible relations
base / worthless
orders weightier than life
slut / tramp (old)

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