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street / CL: 條|条 / subdistrict / residential district
  *街* | 街* | *街
street / CL: 條|条
downtown area / commercial district / (chiefly Cantonese) wet market, i.e. a marketplace selling fresh meat, fish and vegetables etc
Wall Street, New York / by extension, American big business
to take a walk / to window-shop / to stroll down the street
Lao Cai, Vietnam / Laokai or Laukkai, Burma (Myanmar)
on the street / in town
street / main street / CL: 條|条
to go onto the streets / to go shopping
Wall Street Journal
to sweep the streets / to canvas (for votes, sales etc)
neighborhood / neighbor
arcade game
side street / road branching from the main street
street dance (e.g. breakdance)
drop dead! / go to hell! / fuck you! (Cantonese)
subdistrict office / neighborhood official / an official who works with local residents to report to higher government authorities
facing the street
in the middle of the street / facing the street
Chinatown / CL: 條|条,
block (between streets)
great streets and small alleys (idiom); everywhere in the city
car-free zone / pedestrian street
Downing Street (London)
to parade sb through the streets / to march or parade in the streets
Third Month Fair, traditional festival of the Bai Nationality 白族
top of streets, bottom of alleys (idiom); everywhere in the city
streets and alleys / street / alley
sb or sth detested by all / target of scorn / anathema / cf. 老鼠過街人人喊打|老鼠过街人人喊打
Street Fighter (video game series)
Jiepang (Chinese location-based social networking service for mobile devices, in operation 2010-2016)
to parade (a prisoner) through the streets
to shout abuses in the street
Avenue des Champs-Élysées
high street (main street of a town or city) (loanword)
red-light district
shouting abuse in the street like a fishwife
neighbors / the whole neighborhood
to be known to everyone
neighbors / the whole neighborhood
Shangjie District of Zhengzhou City 鄭州市|郑州市, Henan
Barkhor street, central business area and pilgrim circuit around Jokhang temple in Lhasa, Tibet
(idiom) town gossip / streetcorner conversations
city precinct with a streetscape created by artists
Bond Street (London, England)
lit. when a rat crosses the street, people chase it down (idiom) / fig. everyone detests a lowlife
Barkhor street, central business area and pilgrim circuit around Jokhang temple in Lhasa, Tibet / same as 八廓街
to become neighbors
the store front / the part of a house facing the street serving as a store
skywalk / pedestrian bridge

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