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  *羽* | 羽* | *羽
feather / 5th note in pentatonic scale
shuttlecock / badminton / CL: 個|个
down (soft feathers)
feather / plumage / plume
down-filled garment
Guan Yu (-219), general of Shu and blood-brother of Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, fearsome fighter famous for virtue and loyalty / posthumously worshipped and identified with the guardian Bodhisattva Sangharama
Haneda (one of the two main airports serving Tokyo)
wing / (fig.) assistant
Xiang Yu the Conqueror (232-202 BC), warlord defeated by first Han emperor
to return in low spirits following a defeat or failure to achieve one's ambitions (idiom)
levitation (of Daoist immortal) / to become as light as a feather and ascend to heaven / (in Daoism) to become immortal / to die / of winged insects, to emerge from the cocoon in adult form / eclosion
feathered crest (of bird)
Daoist priest
Lu Yu (733-804), Chinese writer from Tang dynasty, known for his obsession with tea
badminton court
bipinnate leaf (in phyllotaxy)
armed escort
quill pen
battledore and shuttlecock / shuttlecock
pinnation (splitting of leaves into lobes)
fully fledged
camlet (silk fabric)
Kariba or Kariwa, Japanese name / Kariwa, site of Japanese nuclear power plant near Niigata 新潟
pre-Tang names of the five notes of the pentatonic scale, corresponding roughly to do, re, mi, sol, la
International Badminton Federation
alumen / alunite (TCM)
tail feathers
(bird species of China) Dalmatian pelican (Pelecanus crispus)
the poisonous feathers of the legendary bird Zhen 鴆|鸩
camlet (silk fabric)
lit. one phoenix feather; fig. a glimpse that reveals the whole
to shed feathers / to molt (of birds)
Indian mackerel
Kashiwasaki Kariwa, site of Japanese nuclear power plant near Niigata 新潟
to molt / to change feathers
feathertail glider (Acrobates pygmaeus)
radiation plume
(bird species of China) demoiselle crane (Grus virgo)
caudipteryx (a feathered dinosaur)

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