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reason / cause
edge; fringe; verge; brink; periphery / marginal; borderline
  *緣* | 緣* | *緣
cause / reason / karma / fate / predestined affinity / margin / hem / edge / along
relations with other people
chance / opportunity / destiny
to originate / origin; genesis / account of the origins of an endeavor
to have no opportunity / no way (of doing sth) / no chance / no connection / not placed (in a competition) / (in pop lyrics) no chance of love, no place to be together etc
fate or chance that brings people together / predestined affinity or relationship / (Budd.) destiny
good karma
related / brought together by fate
chance / opportunity / predestined relationship / (Buddhist) principal and secondary causes / chain of cause and effect
reason / cause
geographic situation / geo-(politics etc)
no cause, no reason (idiom); completely uncalled for
electrical insulation / heat insulation
why? / for what reason?
ill-fated relationship
to have no contact with / to be cut off from / (electricity) to insulate
a marriage predestined by fate
to be kindred spirits / to hit it off
a marriage predestined in a former life (idiom)
to form ties / to become attached (to sb, sth)
good karma / opportune connection with marriage partner
lit. climb a tree to catch a fish (idiom); fig. to attempt the impossible
trailing edge (of airplane wing)
Jinghua Yuan or Flowers in the Mirror, Qing novel of fantasy and erudition (early 19th century) by Li Ruzhen 李汝珍
(Buddhism) predestined relationship
casual romance / short-lived relationship
to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits, and climb a tree to catch fish (idiom); without any practical course of action
blood relationship / consanguinity
(of a monk) to beg for food
to earn people's praise through one's good deeds (idiom)
to curry favor / to advance one's career by toadying
phylogenetic relationship
erhua variant of 人緣|人缘
to cling to the rich and powerful (idiom); to advance one's career by currying favor / social climbing
blood relationship / genetic relationship / consanguinity
border area
one's predestined fate is yet to be fulfilled (idiom)
(of a monk) to beg
geopolitics / geopolitical
predestined love / love affinity
destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
to originate from / to come from the fact that / owing to / because of
rim / edge of wheel
distantly related / remote affinity
marginalized people (not part of mainstream society) / marginal man (term coined by social psychologist Kurt Lewin, referring to a person in transition between two cultures or social groups, not fully belonging to either)
to marginalize / marginalization
borderline personality disorder (BPD)
limbic system

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