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  *綱* | 綱* | *綱
head rope of a fishing net / guiding principle / key link / class (taxonomy) / outline / program
synopsis / outline / program / leading principles
outline / essential points
course syllabus / class curriculum
program (i.e. plan of action) / guiding principle
Compendium of Medical Herbs 1596, compiled by Li Shizhen 李時珍|李时珍
to play the leading role
outline / synopsis / notes
to concentrate on the main points (idiom); to bring out the essentials
subclass (taxonomy)
(political) party platform / party program
Mammalia, the class of mammals
to criticize (as a matter of principle)
"eight principles," a method of giving a general description and syndrome differentiation (TCM)
political program / platform
laws and discipline of imperial court
dimension (unit)
Arachnids (class of arthropods)
beyond the scope of the syllabus
Magnoliopsidae or Dicotyledoneae (class of plants distinguished by two embryonic leaves)
Malacostraca, a large class of crustaceans
three principles and five virtues (idiom) / the three rules (ruler guides subject, father guides son and husband guides wife) and five constant virtues of Confucianism (benevolence , righteousness 義|义, propriety 禮|礼, wisdom and fidelity )
pattern-syndrome identification based on the eight principles (TCM)
Class Trematoda / fluke / trematode worm, a parasite incl. on humans
action plan / program of action
law and order
if you lift the headrope the meshes spread open (idiom) / take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves / (of a piece of writing) well-structured and ordered
Cestoda (an order of flatworms)
Diplopoda (zoology)
Lamellibranchia / class of bivalves
Turbellaria (an order of flatworms)
the treaty of 1923 normalizing relations between the Soviet Union and the Northern Warlord government of China
common program / formal program of the communist party after 1949, that served as interim national plan
Felix Klein's Erlangen program (1872) on geometry and group theory
cephalopod / Cephalopoda, class of mollusks including nautilus and squid
gastropod (class of mollusks including snails)
Schizomycetes (taxonomic class of fungi)
cyclostome (marine biology)
Eumycetes (taxonomic class of fungi)
Sauropsida, class within Chordata containing reptiles

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