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to engage in (business etc) / to run / to operate
to do business / to trade
nutrition / nourishment / CL: 種|种
summer camp
self-operated / to operate one's own business
running / operation (of airport, bus service, business etc)
for profit / to seek profit
nonprofit / not for profit
time of business / opening hours (of shop) / working time
  *營* | 營* | *營
camp / barracks / battalion / to build / to operate / to manage / to strive for
to camp out / camping
sales / income / revenue
to build (housing) / to construct / to make
tax on turnover / sales tax
nutritionist / dietitian
Hsinying city in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
clerk / shop assistant / CL: 個|个
Zuoying or Tsoying district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市, south Taiwan
executive / manager / transactor
to build / to construct
to be in operation / to do business / (of train, bus etc) to be in service / operation / service
to specialize in (a particular product or service) / monopoly
Zuoying or Tsoying district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市, south Taiwan
chief operating officer (COO) (Tw)
nonprofit organization
Green Standard Army, standing infantry during Qing dynasty, originally formed from Ming and other Chinese army units
group of people / camp / faction / sides in a dispute
Yingpan, common place name ("army camp") / place near Jintian village 金田村 in Guangxi where the Taiping Tianguo rebels took their oaths in 1851 / place in Xinfeng county 新豐縣|新丰县 traditional camping place of brigands / Yingpan township, place name / Yingpan in Shangluo prefecture, Shaanxi / Yingpan township in Yunnan / (many others)
military camp / nomadic camp
sum or volume of business / turnover
headquarters / base camp
nourishment / nutrient
privately run (i.e. by a company, not the state)
Liuying township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
public / publicly (owned, financed, operated etc) / run by the state
privately-owned / private
to rescue
to camp / field lodgings
barracks / army camp
state-run (company etc) / nationalized
Dongying prefecture-level city in Shandong
malnutrition / undernourishment / deficiency disease / dystrophy
nutrient fluid
concentration camp
joint venture / under joint management
working capital
Happy Camp (PRC TV series)
to handle / to undertake / to run (a business) / to administer
to operate jointly / a joint venture / cooperative
tent / camp
to advance gradually and entrench oneself at every step / to consolidate at every step
military camp / barracks
battalion commander
correctional labor camp
to camp / to pitch camp / stationed / quartered / Taiwan pr. [zha2 ying2]
training camp
to camp / to lodge
to earn a living
(coll.) job / work
franchised operation / franchising
a second job / supplementary way of making a living
labor camp / prison camp with hard labor
refugee camp
joint public private operation
boot camp
to build up an enterprise through painstaking efforts
opening hours (shop, bank, restaurant)
barracks / living quarters
operator (of a power station, transport network etc) / carrier (telecommunications etc)
nationalized industry
Hsiaying township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
private business / opposite: state-owned enterprise 國有企業|国有企业
unlicensed business activity
to pitch camp / to camp
Tianying city in Anhui, having lead processing plants that produce substantial pollution
China Business (a Beijing newspaper)
builder / contractor
business cost / business expense
toadying for personal gain / to curry favor / to study in great depth
enemy camp
to set up camp / Taiwan pr. [an1 ying2 zha2 zhai4]
to gang up for personal interest (idiom) / to form a clique
share dealing / brokering
to strike camp
Hsiaying township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
Dongying prefecture-level city in Shandong
chief operating officer (COO)
Hsinying city in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
exclusive agency / franchised shop / authorized store
camp / campsite
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