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  *淪* | 淪* | *淪
to sink (into ruin, oblivion) / to be reduced to
to sink down to / to be reduced to (sth inferior)
to fall into enemy hands / to be occupied / to degenerate / to submerge
to sink into (vice, depravity etc) / to pass into oblivion / downfall / passing
to degenerate / impoverished / to fall (into poverty) / to be reduced (to begging)
to be lost / to be ruined / to perish / to wither away
moral bankruptcy / moral degeneracy
(of a country) to perish / to be annexed / subjugation (to a foreign power)
enemy-held territory
to sink / to drown
lit. penetrate to the marrow (idiom); deeply affected / moved to the core
to perish / extinction
to be deeply affected / moved to the core
to die / to perish

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