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to take note of / to pay attention to
to register / to enroll
to pay attention to / to emphasize
marginal notes / annotation / to annotate / to add comments to text
injection / to inject
to watch attentively / to gaze at
registered trademark
to pay attention to / to follow sth closely / to follow (on social media) / concern / interest / attention
to focus / to concentrate / to give one's full attention
remark / note
to indicate the pronunciation of Chinese characters using Pinyin or Bopomofo etc / phonetic notation / (specifically) Bopomofo (abbr. for 注音符號|注音符号)
  *註* | 註* | *註
to register / to annotate / note / comment
  *注* | 注* | *注
to inject / to pour into / to concentrate / to pay attention / stake (gambling) / classifier for sums of money / variant of 註|注
attention / to stare at / to fix attention on sth
to throw one's energies (into an activity) / to invest one's emotions (in sth) / to bet / betting
notable / noteworthy / merit attention
note / annotation
to foreordain / to be bound to / to be destined to / to be doomed to / inevitably
to mark out / to tag / to put a sign on sth explaining or calling attention to / to annotate (e.g. a character with its pinyin)
to cancel / to write off
injection molding
to pour into / to empty into
to annotate / annotation / comment / interpretation / to explain with notes / explanatory note
Mandarin phonetic symbols (MPS), phonetic alphabet for Chinese used esp. in Taiwan, also known colloquially as Bopomofo (after the first four letters of the alphabet:ㄅㄆㄇㄈ)
to shift resources into areas of need / to inject funds / to balance resources
to clearly indicate
to pour / to pour down (of rain) / to lay a bet
to attract attention / eye-catching / conspicuous
Mandarin Phonetic Symbols 1 / Bopomofo / abbr. for 國語注音符號第一式|国语注音符号第一式
to stake all on one throw
to annotate / to add marginal comments on / criticism / marginalia
domain name registration
commentary and subcommentary (of a book)
to inject funds / to put money into (the market)
to pour into / perfusion (med.) / to concentrate one's attention on / to teach / to inculcate / to instill
to pay close attention (to sth)
stake (in a gamble) / (what is at) stake
decreed by fate (idiom) / destined / fated
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
injection / shot
to annotate (ancient texts) / commentaries
thoughtless / not pay attention to
to attract attention / eye-catching / conspicuous
to bet / to wager
to increase a bet / to raise (poker) / to raise the stakes
intravenous injection
to pour water into / to inject water into
to attract attention
to cast (metal)
intramuscular injection
to match a bet / to call (poker)
to concentrate
to annotate / annotation / commentary / remark
annotated collection
editor's note
transfer character (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters) / character with meanings influenced by other words / sometimes called mutually explanatory character
to throw into
to focus / to concentrate on
to inject / infusion
needle / hypodermic needle
hypodermic injection / subcutaneous injection
Windows registry
phonetic transcription / system of representing spoken sounds
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
the Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention, a military doctrine issued in 1928 by Mao Zedong for the Red Army, which included a number of injunctions demanding high standards of behavior and respect for civilians during wartime
to flow into / to converge
to attract attention / noticeable
pouring with rain / rain bucketing down
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
(literary) to ponder
to drip into / to transfuse / to percolate / to drip feed / fig. to instill
cybersquatting / domain squatting
intravenous (medicine)
live betting
part-of-speech tagging
Commentary on Shuowen Jiezi (1815) by Duan Yucai 段玉裁
to concentrate one's attention completely (idiom) / with rapt attention
transfer character (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters) / character with meanings influenced by other words / sometimes called mutually explanatory character
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
notes and commentary / exegesis
Mandarin Phonetic Symbols 1 (official name of the phonetic system of writing Chinese used in Taiwan) / Bopomofo / abbr. to 注音一式
to concentrate one's attention / to be fully focused
to think fondly of sb
to stress in a prejudiced way / to emphasize sth unduly
jet injector
booster shot / booster injection
to watch closely
first fixation duration
book by Han dynasty astronomer Zhang Heng

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