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  *殺* | 殺* | *殺
to kill / to murder / to attack / to weaken or reduce / to smart (dialect) / (used after a verb) extremely
to erase / to cover traces / to obliterate evidence / to expunge / to blot out / to suppress
killer / murderer / hit man / (sports) formidable player
to kill oneself / to commit suicide / to attempt suicide
to chase to kill
to kill
insecticide / pesticide
desire to commit murder / great danger
homicide / to murder / to kill (a person)
to kill germs / to disinfect / to sterilize
to beat down the price / to haggle / to slash one's prices
to deal the fatal blow (sports, chess etc) / to score the winning point
to fight at close quarters / hand-to-hand
to kill (in hunting)
murderous spirit / aura of death / to vent one's anger
to kill
to shut out / to block / to smother
to murder
to charge
to assassinate
to attack with a bladed weapon
(Internet) flash sale / (sports or online gaming) rapid dispatch of an opponent
to shoot dead
to kill / to murder
murder case
(fig.) trump card
fighting / killing
austere / stern / harsh / somber and desolate (autumn or winter)
to kill to the last one (idiom) / to exterminate / to eradicate / ruthless
to massacre / to slaughter
ferocious / murderous-looking
to mistakenly kill / manslaughter
to slaughter (an animal for meat) / to butcher
to massacre one another (idiom); internecine strife
lit. killing the chicken to warn the monkey (idiom) / fig. to punish an individual as an example to others / pour encourager les autres
to lend sb a knife to kill sb / to get sb else to do one's dirty work / to attack using the strength of another (idiom)
to massacre / massacre / bloodbath / carnage
to murder / to assassinate / intentional homicide
to force one's way out of encirclement / to break through
to grapple (with the enemy) / to fight at the risk of one's life
to assassinate / (military) to fight with a bayonet / (baseball) to put out (a baserunner)
to murder / assassination
to bury alive / to ensnare
to kill and burn (idiom); murder and arson
to exterminate
to storm (a city etc) / to raid
to spike the ball (volleyball etc) / to smash (tennis etc)
to hunt and kill (an animal or fish)
murder case
to massacre / to slaughter
to behead
to kill
Goddam! / goddamn / wretched
to murder without blinking an eye (idiom) / ruthless / cold-blooded
massacre / Holocaust
a death claimed to be a suicide by the authorities
willfully slaughter the innocent (idiom)
a disinfectant
lit. to kill people like scything flax (idiom) / fig. to kill people like flies
the Nanjing Massacre of 1937-38
murder as a crime of passion
massage (loanword)
to behead
to disinfect / (computing) to destroy a computer virus
serial killer
to shoot dead (with a gun, or bow and arrow)
antivirus software / abbr. for 殺毒軟件|杀毒软件
murderer / homicide
to respond to an assault by killing one's assailant
to exterminate
life-and-death power / ultimate power
to swindle associates, friends or relatives
to kill (or assault) sadistically
to kill by poisoning
to strangle / to throttle
Chinese subculture of young urban migrants, usually of low education, with exaggerated hairstyles, heavy make-up, flamboyant costumes, piercings etc (loanword from "smart")
suicide (attack) / suicidal
homicidal maniac
to bludgeon to death / (fig.) to defeat sb by publicly criticizing them
antivirus software
to smash a ball / to spike
homicide (law)
to kill or injure
(slang) (usu. of a woman) sb who looks stunning from behind / sb who has a great figure but not necessarily an attractive face / abbr. for 背影殺手|背影杀手
to rob and kill
lit. to kill the chicken to get the eggs (idiom) / fig. to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs
to commit suicide to escape punishment
to put the last hand to (a book, a film etc) / to finalize / to kill-green (a step in the processing of tea leaves)
to make a surprise attack / to pounce on (an enemy)
killer / butcher / slaughterer
to take the life of a living creature
to kill / to cull
(sports) (cricket) to bowl a batsman out
to kill indiscriminately / to massacre
to strangle
(case of, incident of) murder
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