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procedure / step
progress / improvement / to improve / to progress / CL: 個|个
progressively / step by step
to do less well than before / to make a concession / setback / backward step / leeway / room to maneuver / fallback
initial / preliminary / tentative
pace / (measured) step / march
stage / degree (to which a situation has evolved) / situation / leeway
synchronous / to synchronize / to keep step with
one step further / to move forward a step / further onwards
  *步* | 步* | *步
surname Bu
  *步* | 步* | *步
a step / a pace / walk / march / stages in a process / situation
to run / to jog / (military) to march at the double
the next step
to go on foot / to walk
walking path / pathway
footstep / step
to take a walk / to go for a walk
(Tw) trick (of the trade) / clever move / (Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [phiat-pōo])
infantry / foot / infantryman / foot soldier
to wander / to ramble / recreational hiking / to perambulate
step one / first step
to set out / to set in motion / the start (of some activity)
to be on foot
step by step / at every step
to step into / to enter
treadmill / running machine
(Tw) car-free zone / pedestrian zone
to halt / to stop / to go no farther
quick step
stride / to step (on the spot) / to mark time / at a standstill
large strides
gait / marching order / step / pace
to get around using a conveyance (car, bicycle, sedan chair etc) / to ride (or drive) / means of transportation
lit. walking alone / prominent / unrivalled / outstanding
steadily / a steady pace
rifle / CL: ,
to concede / to give in / to yield / a concession / (linguistics) concessive
to walk slowly / to amble along / gradually / slowly
to walk / to step / pace / traveling (walking with the ball, a foul in basketball)
to learn to walk / (fig.) to learn sth, making unsteady progress / to get started on the learning curve
pencil skirt
step / pace
to step back
vehicle / (more specifically) mobility vehicle (mobility scooter, electric wheelchair, Segway etc)
to ease up the pace / to slow things down
to pace / to stroll
car-free zone / pedestrian street
baby walker / baby walking frame
unable to move a single step (idiom) / to be in an (extremely) difficult situation
sudden big stride forward
foot (syllabic unit in verse) / meter / scansion
to advance gradually and entrench oneself at every step / to consolidate at every step
to make progress only with great difficulty (idiom)
to shrink back / to flinch
gait / to walk
to have a stroll
DPP (Democratic Progressive Party, Taiwan) / abbr. to 民進黨|民进党
dance steps
(literary) to move forward
to follow sb closely (idiom) / to keep close to
horse stance (martial arts)
to blindly follow suit (idiom) / to imitate slavishly / to do what everyone else is doing
rambler / a person strolling about
to rapidly go up in the world / meteoric rise (of a career, social position etc)
at a fast pace
to gain a firm foothold / (fig.) to get oneself established
in big strides / (fig.) in giant steps
(said by departing guest) no need to see me out
at a stride / taking large steps (while walking)
pedestrian area
reaching heaven in a single bound (idiom); (esp. with negative: don't expect) instant success
Uber, app-based taxi company founded in 2009
stepper motor
small quick steps
to mark time (military) / to make no headway
to stroll / to saunter
to walk slowly / with deliberate steps
goose-step (for military parades)
foot drill (military, physical exercises etc)
assault rifle
to trot
to settle a matter in one go
gait / tread
to come to a stand / to stop
follow the prescribed order / keep to conventional ways
to leave first (courteous expression used to excuse oneself) / (euphemism) to predecease / to die first (e.g. before one's spouse)
one step, one footprint (idiom); steady progress / reliable
to stride forward
a step away / very close
cat-like gait / sashaying gait of a catwalk model
ambulatory leg (of a crab, lobster, spider etc)
(idiom) not to yield an inch
dangling ornament worn by women
step by step / one step at a time
at a slow pace
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