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  *架* | 架* | *架
to support / frame / rack / framework / classifier for planes, large vehicles, radios etc
to construct / to build / infrastructure / architecture / framework
to put goods on shelves / (of a product) to be available for sale
frame / framework / fig. pattern / outline / organizing plan
trestle / support / frame / to prop sth up
to construct / to erect
cart / barrow / frame / chassis
to kidnap / to abduct / to hijack / a kidnapping / abduction / staking
to take down from the shelves (e.g. a contaminated product)
clothes hanger / clothes rack
shelf for goods / shop shelf
to quarrel / to have a row / quarrel / CL: 頓|顿
tripod / derrick crane
high trestle bridge / viaduct / flyover
to fight / to scuffle / to come to blows / CL: 場|场
overhead / elevated (walkway, highway etc) / elevated road
framework / skeleton
bookshelf / CL: 個|个
shelf / frame / stand / framework / airs / arrogance
open shelves (in self-service store or user access library)
picture frame
cross / crucifix / yoke one has to endure
trellis / scaffolding
roof beam / rafters
to build (a hut etc) on stilts / to install (power lines etc) overhead / (fig.) unfounded / impractical / (fig.) to make sb a mere figurehead
trestle / X-shaped frame
rigid frame
network infrastructure
attitude / position (on an issue etc)
variant of 架勢|架势
to put up scaffolding
easel / rack for painting
dish rack
a building / the frame of a building / roof beam / truss
sortie / flight
to resist / to ward off / to hold one's own / to receive guests
luggage rack
stretcher / litter / bier
pen rack / pen-holder
bike rack / bicycle frame
luggage carrier (bicycle)
to bridge / to put up a bridge
seven layer architecture (OSI)
drum kit
(dialect) to come to blows / to have a row
to try to stop a fight / to intervene in a fight
stretcher (for the injured)
(coll.) unable to withstand / cannot bear / can't stand it / no match for
to mediate in a quarrel / to intervene in a dispute and try to calm things down
a sawframe
to fall apart / exhaustion
to put on airs / to assume great airs
lit. to drive a duck onto a perch (idiom) / fig. to push sb to do sth way beyond their ability
attractive appearance, but without substance
height restriction barrier
to hustle sb away
continental shelf
Shennongjialin, directly administered forestry reserve in east Hubei
bipod (supporting a machine gun etc)
easel painting
Shennongjialin, directly administered forestry reserve in east Hubei
a coordinate frame
Snickers (candy bar)
gibbet / hanging post
skeleton / skinny person / a mere skeleton
elevated road
putting on official airs
bipod (supporting a machine gun etc)
to put on airs
Pictor (constellation)
to assume a fighting stance / (fig.) to take the offensive
gallows / gibbet
to use a crutch
stinking pretension / to give oneself airs and offend others / hateful arrogance
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
(dialect) height of a house
to throw one's weight around / to put on airs
two-wheeled handcart
candlestick holder / candlestand / candelabra
eyeglasses frame / CL: / mirror support
lit. to arrange a shelf of flowers / superficial display (idiom)
stretcher bearer (military)
aerial ropeway / cable car
continental shelf
feeder pig
to collapse / to come to grief
Shennongjialin, directly administered forestry reserve in east Hubei
grill (of a cooker etc)

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